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Archaeological Reserve Stronghold in Grzybowo

The discovery of Grzybowo settlement is owed to the extraordinary archaeological passion of Olgierd Brzeski, who in the 1930’s became interested in the ‘Swedish trenches’ and still as a student, conducted the first excavations there. 


Today, in the exhibition in the state-of-the-art building, the atmosphere of the archaeological dig is almost tangible, thanks to a faithful recreation of an excavation site. In a spacious clearing and the rampart visible in the area there are many archery tournaments, and for over a dozen years, every August, the amateurs of medieval reenactments set camp of over 100 historic tents, presenting the everyday life, cuisine, handcraft, games and activities as well as stagings of battles from the early medieval times during the Rally of Slavic Warriors.

Archaeological Reserve Stronghold in Grzybowo
Grzybowo 10a
62-300 Września


tel. +48 61 880 00 76

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