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Klub Eskulap

Eskulap is the iconic Poznań music club, established in 1979. Enjoying unceasing popularity ever since its creation, the club is situated slightly off the main city center, neighbouring the Medical University’s dormitories.

Eskulap (Asclepius, after the Greek god of medicine and healing) is not just the center of the dynamically vibrant student culture. The club accepts the variety of Polish music, and so there is enough room here for enthusiasts of rock, metal, club, hip hop, jazz and even theatrical singing. The house music and new-beat parties, which regularly attract the lovers of dance music, have become legendary.


The interiors of the club are characterized by their old school look, combining style and functionality. Eskulap is a place of parties and excellent concerts, which can be enjoyed by up to 800 people at a time.

Klub Eskulap
ul. Przybyszewskiego 39
60-356 Poznań



tel. +48 601 775 600

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