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Have you ever wondered what to do in Poznań with your non-Polish speaking friends or relatives? Teatr Nowy in Poznań decided to widen its offer and appeal more foreigners to their spectacles. You can now enjoy theatre with English subtitles in Poznań!

More and more foreigners are visiting Poznań every year. Some of them, as business visitors, are in the city just for few days. Others, for example Erasmus students, spend in Poznań few months or even longer.


Cultural offer of Poznań was mostly available only in Polish. Foreigners interested in cultural events could not participate or fully understand the meaning of the show. Fortunately, now it is going to change. Teatr Nowy in Poznań introduced performances with English subtitles. They want to attract English-speaking people and enable them to enjoy the cultural offer of Poznań.


Teatr Nowy offers several chosen shows with English subtitles. In September you can still enjoy spectacles such as The Presidents or Twelve angry men. New Erasmus students coming to Poznań in October will be able to enjoy the following spectacles with English subtitles: Head girthDoll’s houseTwelve angry menLear and The Players.


Tickets for spectacles with English subtitles have the same price, as for regular ones: 55 PLN for regular ticket, 35 PLN for discount ticket (50/30 PLN when buying online).


Additionally, Teatr Nowy prepared a discount action, specially for spectacles with English subtitles. While buying or booking tickets, give the password WELCOME! and get tickets at a special price: 45/25 PLN.


For more information please visit: teatrnowy.pl/for-foreigners



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