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POZnan Ice Festival 2019

13th edition of the only festival of ice carving in Poland on December 7th to 8th. Check the program and visit the land of iceworks.

Since 2006, each winter Poznań Old Town shifts into a true ice land. The international Ice Festival is back again and will enhance this year’s Christmas market Poznań Bethelhem.
Every year the event attracts crowds becoming one of the greatest points of wintertime in Poznań. It’s an international competition that’s why we host guests from all over the world. Some of them come from places familiar with ice like Canada, USA or Poland but also from countries you wouldn’t even suspect: Phillipines, Malaysia, Spain.


General program:

December 7th  12:00 (noon) - 6:30 pm Speed Ice Carving, 7:00 pm Ice Show

December 8th  9:00 am - 5:00 pm Main Contest, 7:00 pm Concert


Full list of participants (also on www.icefestival.pl):


1. Angelito Baban USA
2. Jess Parish USA
3. Antonio Baisas FILIPINS
4. Ross Baisas CANADA
5. Bogdan Kutsevych UKRAINE
6. Oleksiy Poda UKRAINE
7. Bruno Fleurit SPAIN
8. Max Rutgers SPAIN
9. Julio Martinez MEXICO
10. Brian Soto MEXICO
11. Kee Gawah MALAYSIA
12. Larry MacFarlane CANADA
13. Marek Szewczyk POLAND
14. Piotr Boroń POLAND
15 Marian Maršálek CZECH REPUBLIC
16. Václav Lemon CZECH REPUBLIC
17. Michał Mizuła POLAND
18. Damian Wiśniewski POLAND
19. Nenad Klajic SERBIA
20 Strajin Čančarević SERBIA
21. Niels Brouwers NETHERLANDS
22. Thomas Weijenberg NETHERLANDS
23. Sławomir Franek POLAND
24. Sylwester Chłodziński POLAND


 We’ll see who will create the most beautiful icework this time.


photo: Małgorzata Cieślak



Whole festival will take place, traditionally, on the Old Market Square on December 7th to 8th. Again it will be divided into two parts: speed ice carving and carving for the jury which chooses the best one.




Speed Ice Carving – 7.12 from noon till 6:30 pm. The sculptors’ task will be to create a figure based on presented model as faithully as possible. Last year it was the audience that chose the winners. We’ll see how this goes this time.


Another part will happen on December 8th between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. You will be able to watch the artists while working. When the ice shards fall down, the art will be judged, illuminated and presented to the audience until they melt.


The temperature in winter for the couple of years gets pretty high so we recommend arriving to the festival on time. Only then you get the real image of sculptors idea.


photo: Anita Skoczylas


photo: Adam Kostecki


photo: Jakub Pindych


photo: Jakub Pindych



Text: Norbert Zieliński

Main photo: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl



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