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Summer by the Warta River

For a few years now, the area around Warta river flourish during the summer. It started with urban beaches, which became a hit among the locals and tourists. The recreational offer of Warta River is increasing every year. This summer you can enjoy not only beaches, but also a water tram, a city marina and water sports equipment rentals. Summer in Poznan is all about being by the amazing Warta River. 

City beaches
A beach chair or hammock relaxation, a tasty snack, or maybe a beach volleyball tournament or a game of boulle on a specially prepared field? Both lovers of the blissful laziness, and those seeking active leisure can use the many attractions the City Beaches project has to offer.

There is no need to go out of town to be able to enjoy sunbathing, do sports, have a refreshing beverage on a hot day or spend a day with friends. Poznań City Beaches have it all!

Many outdoor events also take place in City Beaches - this means the City Beaches will be vibrant all summer!

City Beaches:

   - City Beach Szeląg (in Park Szelągowski, Ugory, Winogrady)
   - City Beach Chwaliszewo (at Stara Gazownia, Stare Koryto rzeki Warty - old Warta river cutoff, city center)
   - City Beach Rataje (around Królowej Jadwigi bridge, os. Piastowskie, Rataje)

The City Beaches are open from June 1th till August 31rd, 2017.



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Water tram

Every weekend the water tram will take you on the cruise on Warta River from the Cathedral (at Marii Panny Street) - Rataje (Osiedle Piastowskie) - Wilda (at the River Baths) - Chwaliszewo - Szeląg (Ugory Street). Tickets: 5 PLN for one stop, 20 PLN for the whole route (time of the whole route is about 1:35 h). Timetable is available here.

Learn more about the Poznań Water Tram



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From April to October 2017 a marina will be open. It will be monitored 24 hours a day, power outlets, sanitary facilities with showers and a catering area will be available. The use of the marina is free, although the number of places at the piers is limited.

In the vicinity of the marina, on the headland above Warta will be held various events: concerts, regattas, picnics and film shows.


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Learn more about city marina...

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Water sports rental

Motorboat rental operates in the Old Port (Marina) and in Chwaliszewo and Szeląg. Boats are available after booking (phone number: 578908329)

Full motorboat rental up to 50 PLN / h

Price includes:
- motorboat rental
- rescue equipment (including a vest for each person)
- fuel for motorboat
- basic motorboat training

More information here


Kayak rentals on Rataje Beach, near Most Królowej Jadwigi. Rental is open all week, contact details and reservations: tel. 618770585 or biuro@przystanposnania.pl

More information here... 


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