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Poznań Photoplasticon: Tatras in winter

CLOSED DUE TO THE RISK OF CORONAVIRUS. How did the mountainous south of Poland look like 50-60 years ago? New exhibition of Poznań Fotoplastykon answers this question.

Poznań Fotoplastykon

In the Cultural Information Center, in a historical building from 19th century, after short break Poznań Fotoplastykon has been run again. First photoplasticons were created by August Fuhrmann in the end of 19th century and has been called Kaiserpanorama. They were primarily used as a fair attraction, however during Great War found its use as a tool for propaganda.
The machine works with stereoscopic photos. Two, almost identical pictures overleap each other creating the impression of 3D effect. Even though today this technique does not surprise us, 100 years ago this was a huge entetainment.

It is hard to ascertain how old Poznań Photoplasticon is, but we know, that it survived second world war, after which changed its place few times, eventually landing in Cultural Information Center on Ratajczaka Street in Poznań.






The Tatras in winter


Exhibition from 02.12.2019 till 14.03.2020


Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday closed
last entrance an hour before closing

regular – 5 zł
concession – 2 zł
family – 10 zł
group (10 or more people) – 20 zł


This time exhibition shows the Tatra mountains. But not these we know today. It takes us more than 50, 60 years back to the tourist regions our grandparents saw. In the stereoscopic photos we find wild nature - trees and tops coverd with snow but also, daily life of mountain people called in Poland GÓRALE (plural). It's worth noticing the specific outfits, especially those of men. Also cottage houses and churches attract our eye with zakopiański style created by Stanisław Witkiewicz - the father of our famous Polish artist Witkacy.

Presented photos come from Warsaw Fotoplastykon. Traditionally, walls around the device has been enhanced with more pictures coming from National Digital Archive.



Mountain woman in the regional dress. Bukowina Tatrzańska, 50s.


Hala Strążyska. View on huts on Polana Strążyńska. In the background Giewont top. Tatras, 50s.


Antałówka. Shepherd watches the farmhouse. Zakopane, 50s.


Celebration of the Holiday of Winter. Górals' band in the sledges on their way to Równina Krupowa (1935).


Giewont top in Tatras.

A girls skiing in the company of a man. (1928).



Text: Norbert Zieliński, based on materials from organisors

Photos: Fotoplastykon Poznański

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020