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Upcoming festivals in Poznań 2020

Poznań is full of cultural events. Here comes the list of the festivals we're waiting the most!

Due to the risk of coronavirus some events may change their dates or cancel.

We try to follow the changes but be careful and follow the sites of the organisors!



You should read this closely. If you're the person seeking fun and interesting, orginial or tasty festivals, you must come to Poznań. It's filled with cultural, film, music or gastronomical events. The only thing to do is to check your calendar and book a flight!


Poznań Tourism Organisation does not organise the events below (with two exceptions). Any changes should be followed on the wbsite of the festivals/organisors.


Artistic | TradeFilm | Culinary | Music | Entertainment / atypical | Holiday





Poznań Design Festiwal | 25.09.-3.10.2020 | Stary Browar, ul. Półwiejska 42
Can we design and keep being faithful to the nature? In the world of countless things, datas and ideas it's easy to forget about the environment. Poznań Design Festival by workshops, lectures and exhibitions presents ways to design without drastic and destructive influence on our world. For couple of years now it focuses on the elements. W already had Biodiversity, Atmosphere and Water. It is time for...? 

photo: Wojciech Mania


Festiwal Malta | 19-28.06.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations  FINISHED

www.malta-festival.pl | Facebook


For the 30th time different locations of Poznań (those obvious and not so much) will be filled with arts. Malta Festival is a meeting with theatre, music, film, literature and more. Everything followed by workshops, spectacles, animations, concerts - many of which happen outdoor. Each year program is very rich. Come and see!


source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl


Art and Craft Festival | 04-06.12.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14
Shortly before Christmas Poznań International Fair invites exhibitors specialising in handicraft. You can buy unique decorations or learn how to make them on your own.
source: www.festiwal.mtp.pl
Tour Salon | 14-16.02.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14 FINISHED
Annual fair of tourist industry during which the representatives will present their interesitng offer and those interested can inspire to take the next (or maybe their first) exciting journey. Of course, our organization will be there, along with Powiat Poznański (Poznań Township).
photo: poznan.travel
PGA Poznań Game Arena | 9-11.10.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14
Big festival of computer games, premieres and new trends in the game industry. Board games as well as retro zone included. The event is ticketed. Details on the website of the event or that of Poznań International Fair.
source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl
Retro Motor Show | 23-25.10.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14
Fair for lovers of oldtimers. Classic vehicules from 20th century, unique types and more you'll find in Poznań in autumn.
photo: Radosław Maciejewski
Short Waves Festival | 18-23.08.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
Short Waves Festival, as the organizors say, is the most succint festival of short films in Poland. Its 12th edition takes place from March 17th to 22nd, 2020. Screenings, prestigious awards, educational program. On what subject? Society, culture, modern arts, dance, music. Everything considers the happening changes in the modern world. Takes place in various Poznań cinemas and other venues.
source: www.shortwaves.pl
International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR | 3-9.10.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations
International Festival of Animated Films ANIMATOR is the biggest animation festival in Poland. Each edition presents over 300 films from all over the world including retrospectives, premieres or rarly shown productions from pioneers of animation. Takes place in various Poznań cinemas.
photo: Maciej Zakrzewski
International Documentary Festival OFF CINEMA | 13-18.10.2020 | Center of Culture Zamek, ul. Święty Marcin 80/82
International competition of documentaries - shorts as well as full-length ones. The location is Center of Culture Zamek, which is former Imperial Castle in the very center of Poznań.
source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl
International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! | 29.11-06.12.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations
Selection of films from around the world focusing on young audience. It takes form of an international competition, where winners are selected by special jury including children. The screenings take place in various Poznań cinemas.
source: www.alekino.com
Restaurant Week | 15.04.-03.05.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
A week when restaurants in all of Poland offer luxurious meals in special prices. The only things you need to do are go to the website, sing up, choose your favourite place, book a table and... eat!
photo: Jakub Pindych
Good Taste Festival | 13-16.08.2020 | Old Market Square in Poznań FINISHED
A slow walk among the stolls will let you see the culinary side of many corners of Poland, try cheese from Wielkopolska, Kashubia or Podhale, infusions from Lubelszczyzna, fish from Pomerania and Mazuria, meats from Podlasie or Lower Silesia and craft beers from all the country. But it's more than just Poland. Sweets from Turkey, Armenia, teas of Sri Lanka or spices from the whole world are only few of what you may find during the event.
photo: Jakub Pindych
Polagra Gastro and Polagra Food | 28.09 - 01.10.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14
The fair of food industry promoting new trends as well as Polish economy. On the stolls you'll find all sorts of meats, cheese, wine, vodkas, spices and other products, mostly ecological.
photo: Fotobueno
Poznań Beer Expo | 13-14.11.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14
The big holiday of craft beer icnluding concerts and special beer marathon...!
photo: Poznańskie Targi Piwne
Enea Spring Break | we're waiting for a new date | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
Enea Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference is the pioneer event on the Polish arena. It's a party where performances of rising bands and musicians are enhanced with panels and workshops for the participants.
photo: Piotr Galuhn
Ethnoport | September 2020 | Center of Culture Zamek, ul. Święty Marcin 80/82 FINISHED
You dig the world music? This is the event for you. For a few days former Imperial Castle in Poznań transfers into the fantastic hub of ethnic and folk music. Invited bands and artists perform their native music, very often enhanced modern, innovative touch. Some of the concerts take place in the great rooms of the castle itslef, but some of them are being taken outside, where the stage in front of the building is set.
photo: Jakub Pindych
All Poznań Ukulele | 5.06-19.09.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
Festival devoted to a charming instrument that is ukulele. During the event you can listen to the music played by masters of ukulele as well as learn how to play it yourslef. This year it will last for 3 months!
source: www.calypoznanukulele.pl
Entertainment / atypical
Poznań Half Price | 02-10.05.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
Around the long May weekend for the couple of days Poznań restaurants, museums and leisure centres cut their prices, which makes the trip much more affordable and fun. The list of places taking part in the event can be found on the given website. Booking the hotels and tables is strongly recommended due to the great attention.
photo: Jakub Pindych
Night of Museums | 26.09.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations
Most of you probably know what Night of Museum is. That's a popular event in Europe during which museums and tourist attractions are open till late night hours. Moreover, the admission is free!
Fantasy Convent Pyrkon | 10-12.07.2020 | Poznań International Fair, ul. Głogowska 14 CANCELED
The bigget fantasy gathering of Central-Eastern Europe. This will blow your mind. The imagination of participants crosses every line. If you want to transfer into the land of wizards, elves, robots and other fairytale creatures, this is the place for you. For three days Poznań International Fair changes into the place of lectures, game zones, shows and contests (also cosplay) - all focusing on themes from fantasy, science-ficiton, horror, anime and more.
photo: Jakub Pindych
Poznań Stronghold Days | 29-30.08.2020 | Poznań, multiple locations FINISHED
During the Prussian times Poznań happend to be a fortress. 19 forts has been developped to stop a potential attack from the East. Until these day we can find them all around the city. Some of them ruined, some invite to visit, for example Fort VII which holds the Museum of Martyrology of Wielkopolska People. Additionally, this is a chance to see well-preserved bomb shelters.
photo: Sławek Wąchała
St John Market | 4-19.07.2020 | Old Market Square in Poznań FINISHED
Saint John day used to be cheerfuly celebrated in the old times by Slavic countries. This midsummer holiday was treated very spiritualy as the exciting welcoming of the summer. The longest day of the year in Poznań is preceded by the St John market. The old market  square fills with stolls making it just like in the Renaissance times when the Old Market Square was actually the market.
source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl
St Martin Day | 11.11.2020 | Święty Marcin street in Poznań
The main element is a cheerful parade marching through the street. Among the participants you can find Saint Martin himself and right behind him: orchestras, fire eaters, jugglers, acrobats, dancers and all the other strangly fun characters. At the end of the procession, Saint Martin meets the President of Poznań to have the keys to the city handed to him. Then the crazy fun starts and market fills with handicraft, wine, food and, of course, Saint Martin Croissants which are our best pastries being made and sold only in the region of Poznań!
photo: Norbert Zieliński
Poznań Bethlehem  | November/December 2020 | Plac Wolności and Old Market Square in Poznań
Poznań Bethlehem is an annual Christmas Market taking the impressive space of two squares: Wolności Square and the Old Market Square. Again, center of Poznań will be filled with smell of burned wood, delicious food and sounds of carols and laughter. While the market is going, POZnan Ice Festival takes place making it even more exciting. Let’s remind that Poznań Christmas Market has been chosen as one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, in a plebiscite by European Best Destinations. Our city landed on high 6th position.
photo: Norbert Zieliński
POZnan Ice Festival | December 2020 | Old Market Square in Poznań
Since 2006, each winter Poznań Old Town shifts into an ice land. The international Ice Festival enhances the Christmas market Poznań Bethelhem. Every year the event attracts crowds becoming one of the greatest points of wintertime in Poznań. It’s an international competition that hosts guests from all over the world. Some of them come from places familiar with cold like Canada, USA or Poland but also from countries you wouldn’t even suspect: Phillipines, Malaysia, Spain. The contest is divided into the two categories: speed ice carving and main competition for the most beautiful ice sculpture of the year.
photo: Adam Kostecki
Text: Norbert Zieliński

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