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Poznań Urban Adventures

Do you want to discover Poznan in a fun way? Do you like sightseeing in small groups? Do you want to learn about cuisine of modern Poznan? Choose tours with Poznan Urban Adventures! 

Urban Adventures is an international company that provides tours led by local guides. Their mission is to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. They strongly support local businesses. 

Poznań Urban Adventures

Poznań Urban Adventures offers culinary and historical tours of Poznań. Tours are led by local guides and small groups are guaranteed. Poznań Urban Adventures are Culture and culinary themed city walks covering main sights and non-tourist areas, explaining city lifestyle and exploring flavours of local modern gastronomy. Guides offer you fun and valuable activities supporting small and socially responsible local businesses of Poznań.


Poznan History Tour is a chance to discover the magical Old Town and the Imperial District of Poznań with a local by your side. You will taste a Saint Martin Croissant, a local speciality, and enjoy an authentic lunch in one of the best spots for Polish cuisine in the city.


During Poznan Night Tour you will explore Poznań after dark with a local guide who will lead you to their favourite food and drink spots. You will visit two of the trendiest gastronomic districts in the city to taste delicious, modern, Polish cuisine and take advantage of the craft beer explosion in the city with a few choice tastings.


Poznań Urban Adventures is a great fun but also a chance to discover Poznan from a very local perspective. 


See more and book online at www.poznanurbanadventures.com


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