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Summer in Poznań

Summer propositions for leisure in Poznań.

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Poznań suprises its visitors with its rich tourist offer and unexpected quietness for such a big place. It is a city that learns history, amazes with architecture and gives any entertainment you can imagine. Not without reason it was granted as one of the best tourist destinations in Europe (see). Check what you can experience this summer in Poznań, pack your bags and come over!


Guided tours


fot. Jakub Pindych


Poznań offers a lot of professional tours. Some of them are free, some custom. Anyway, it is worth listening what our guides have to say about one of the oldest Polish cities - its history and today's vibe. You can take a traditional walk on The Old Town or feel like a local and visit some of the hip bars and restaurants in Jeżyce district. The choice is only yours!



Check the offer for 2019 



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Chillout in Cytadela


fot. Jakub Pindych


A walk around Citadel Park seems like an obvious proposition. However, Umberto restaurant shares a big space, where surrounded by greenery and calmness, you can sit on a deck chair or lay down on a hammock and take some rest, drink beer or eat delicious ice cream. It is a magical place in the middle of already unusual park.
You can visit the park on a bike – there is a Poznań City Bike station (PRM) located by the train station Poznań Garbary.


Access: buses no 151, 174, 190; trams 3 and 4.


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City beaches


fot. Rzeka Warta Poznania


If this summer will be pleasant enough, we recommend one of the city beaches (or just all of them) by the Warta river and Poznań's lakes. They are not always spots to take a swim but every time they will give space for play and deserved relax.

There are at least 9 beaches, where you can rest:


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Organ concerts in Fara


fot. Jakub Pindych


From the beggining of July St Stanislav’s Parish Church in Poznań (Fara), located by the Old Market Square, invites everyone to their free organ concerts. During summer they happen EVERY DAY at 12:15, except for Thursdays (at 8 pm). The hour lets you to watch the billy-goats on the Town Hall tower and then slowly transer to the church to enjoy real organ music in a splendid interior.

The church is a pearl of Baroque visited by tourists from all the world. 
The instrument has its history as well. It was ordered from the best of organ designers Friedrich Ladegast.




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Fort Va – Saturday tours



Built in 1887-1890 by the Prussian army is one of the 18 forts being part of the second ring of Poznań’s fortification system.

Nowadays, it can be visited with a guide on every last Saturday of the month, in 2019 these are:

  • May 25th
  • June 29th
  • July 27th
  • August 31st
  • September 28th


Hours: 12:00 and 3:00 pm


Price list: 10 zł regular, 7 zł concession.


Tour in English or German IS POSSIBLE. Howerver, one must inform the staff before a visit.




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POZnan Sand Festival  ||  July 15th to 23rd, 2019


source: www.sandfestival.pl


Many heard about POZnan Ice Festival, which attracts a lot of artists and tourists from all over the world. July 15th, by the Malta Thermal Baths, a summer version of the event starts. Thanks to 10 artists 500 tones of sand will turn into the true pieces of art. Full effects of the works can be seen from July 23rd until the end of August. Main theme of the sculptures is endangered species. In the evenings, the creations will be illuminated.





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7th Days of Poznań Stronghold ||  August 24th to 25th, 2019


fot. Marek Zakrzewski


Days of Poznań Stronghold is a two day holiday for devotees of fortifications and military architecture. During the last weekend of summer vacations one can visit over 20 places connected to the topic: from Middle Ages, through 19th century’s fortress to times of cold war.
The most exiting element of the event are definitely forts surrounding Poznań almost 150 years ago, when Poznań stayed under Prussian occupation. There where 18 of them all around the city. Most of them are not available to visit now, nonethless Days of Poznań Strongjold shows the full glory of those remaining.






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Outdoor Cinemas



For the whole Summer You can find outdoor cinemas in Poznań. They are organized in such places as Stary Browar, city beaches or even Poznań International Fairs. Most of the admissions are free of charge. Remember, that in Poland films are in their original version with Polish subtitles, unless it is an animation for kids - then a film is dubbed. Full list of the shows HERE.


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Kulturalny Stary Rynek  ||  29.06 - 15.09.2019



Series of the cultural events on The Old Market Square. For the 5th time you can attend concerts on Stage on Quadro, intimate concerts of the classical music, live jazz and swing, spectacles for kids and more. Start on June 29th. All the events are free of charge. The program is only in Polish, you can find little explaination here.





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Pride Week  ||  June 29th to July 6th, 2019



Poznań always proved its tolerance and respect towards individualism and distinctness. Pride Weekd Poznań is probably the biggest LGBT event in Poland, attracting more then 10 000 people, what grounds Poznań as the most tolerant place in our country. Main elements of the festival are Pride March and rainbow party at Zamkowa Street in the very heart of the city. The Pride Week Poznań is also series of meetings, discussions and parties.


The Pride March takes place on July 6th at 12:00 in a form of colorful parade cheerfully marching through the streets of Poznań.




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Festival of Good Taste  ||  August 15th to 18th, 2019



In the middle of August it is especially worth coming to Poznań to attend the Festival of Good Taste. Three day market will treat visitors with the best food of different corners of Poland and the world. On the stolls it is possible to find sweets from Turkey and Armenia, tea from Sri Lanka, spices from all over the world, black breads and kindziuki from Lithuania or Georgian cognacs.

On of the topics of this year's edition will be Balkans. Cuisine of former Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria will be present in festival's areas.

The event is very significant - it has been included in so called yellow guide Gault&Millau as one of the best culinary events in Poland.


More informations...


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Honorable mentions:


Mission Moon  ||  June 1st to August 31st, 2019 - the exhibition in Poznań Photoplasticon presenting first space missions during the cold war.


Silent na Wolności 2019 – series of parties during which, equipped with headphones, you choose your favourtie music among the couple of Djs on Plac Wolności in Poznań;


Night in the Palm House  ||  August 23rd - one of the few occasions to visit the Poznań Palm House during the night (8 pm till 1.30 am). From 10pm entrance only from Matejki Street.


International Show of Pyrotechnics   ||  August 24th, 2019, 18:00 – 30 minutes show of fireworks and lasers on the Stadion Poznań, tickets 49,90 zł.


10th Dragon Folk Fest  ||  7.09.2019 - folk and ethnic style music in Dragon Social Club on ul. Zamkowa 3. Wstęp wolny.



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