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80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War - what to see in Poznań?

Secon World War started on September 1st, 1939. Ten days later Hitler's army entered Poznań. For a few years of war it became so called Land of Warta. This period in history is commemorated by museums, monuments and stories being told on the streets of Poznań. Let's take a walk along the historical trails.


Fort VII – Museum of Martyrology of Wielkopolska



The first concentration camp for civilians in Poland. Now, Museum of Martyrology of Wielkopolska. Located on Polska Street (ul. Polska).


source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl



Museum of Martyrology in Żabikowo



A prison, where people accused of conspiracy against Germany were hold. Located in Żabikowo which is a part of Luboń – suburban area of Poznań.


source: www.zabikowo.eu



Monument of Victims of Labor Camp of Jews


2,5 meters obelisk commemorating Jewish people used as a labor for heavy works. Located on Królowej Jadwigi Street, next to the Multikino.


fot. Norbert Zieliński



Imperial Castle



Former prussian castle, which has been set as a quarter for Adolf Hitler. He never came to Poznań, but his office is still there, used as a decoration for movies. Located on Święty Marcin Street.


source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl






Small pavillion taht tells a story of mathematicians from University of Poznań who solved the Enigma code. This eventually helped in defeating the Third Reich. 
Located in front of the Imperial Castle on Święty Marcin Street.

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source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl



Museum of Armaments



Part of the exhibition is devoted to winning the fight for the Citadel by the Red Army and regular inhabitants that decided to get their city back. The museum is located in the Citadel Park, right behind the Museum of Poznań Army.


source: www.wmn.poznan.pl



Museum of Army "Poznań"



Museum reminding achievments of Poznań Army, which went through the rough battle for Poznań in 1945. Located in the Citadel Park, close to the Aleja Armii Poznań.


source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl



Monument of Army "Poznań"


Monumental structure symbolising Polish forces resisting German aggression. Located on Aleja Niepodległości.


source: www.fotoportal.poznan.pl



Cemeteries in the Citadel


Three cemeteries in the Citadel Park which are resting places for Polish army and civilans and the Red Army soldiers that fought for freedom of Poznań City in 1945. Also, place of ashes of 48 captives who participated in The Great Escape from prisoners of war camp Stalag Luft 3. All cemeteries are located near the Museum of Armaments in the Citadel Park.


fot. Norbert Zieliński


fot. Norbert Zieliński



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