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Other attractions

Exploring the attractions of Poznań surroundings you should also take advantage of unusual and unique proposals. It certainly makes the atmosphere of visiting more colorful and characteristic.

Trolley Rail in Mosina

An unforgettable ride in a bicycle trolley on a closed train track from Puszczykówko to Osowa Góra. The ride takes place in alternation. It is an interesting, attractive and active way of spending free time with no age limits.



Train Scale Model in Borówiec

This 1:87 scale model was built on over 250 square meters, and is still being expanded. It features 12 rail sets in constant motion, passing one another and running in accordance to a constantly changing schedule. Apart from trains, the model also has moving cars and planes. In an area of around 50 square meters, a scale model of an airport is currently built. The runway is 12 meters long. Fully light planes taxi the airport model surface.



Observation Tower in Mosina – Pożegowo

The wooden tower with an observation deck in Mosina is 16.97 meters high. Near the tower there are camping shelters, benches. bicycle stands and a marked path with the information boards. The entry on to the tower gives you the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the Park and Poznań city not far away.



Indian Village in Łopuchówko

The Indian village is a place where you can learn about the everyday lives of the native tribes of North America. Painted tipis, richly adorned clothes or weapons allow you to feel the atmosphere of the old hunters and warriors. It is also an ideal place for anyone who likes to spend their time close to nature and who is naturally curious about other cultures. You can try your hand at archery or spear throwing, and show your strength and agility on an obstacle course.








Dandy from Mosina Monument in Mosina

The Dandy from Mosina Monument is located by the Town Gallery/Museum Hall at Niezłomnych St. The legend about it is connected with quartering of the army of hetman Czarniecki in Mosina for the winter 1659/1660. The quartering squad was given new elegant uniforms from the Mosina tailors, made in the Swedish fashion. When the squad later arrived to the concentrated royal forces in the spring, they were immediately called “the dandies from Mosina”.


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