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Bee Jay's Surprising Cuisine

Bee Jay’s is a renown Poznan based pub and music club. And so, the quality of food served here will be all the more surprising to many of you. Chef Sergiusz Hieronimczak, the Top Chef finalist and the chef of the sadly now defunct Zagroda Bamberska in Poznan, is the face behind the locale’s current gastronomic image. On the menu there are dishes from the European cuisine as well as many unusual elements from the Polish cuisine. The interior design is far from the restaurant classics. Neon lights, mirrors, illuminated ads and a riot of colors aren’t in complete agreement with the contents of the menu, which could be enough to make some of Poznan’s top restaurants blush. It is excellent food in unusual interiors.


We popped into Bee Jay’s after a long absence. The establishment, despite being fit to serve up to 300 patrons, is not viewed as a restaurant. It is mostly known as a pub and music club in one. Its music function has largely determined its interior design and colors. If you come here for an evening party, the food will pleasantly surprise you, but if you were thinking of organising the grandad’s 80th here, you may need to reconsider - not only due to the neons and the explosion of colors, but also to the rather loud music.



Chef Sergiusz Hieronimczak is a person who needs no introduction on the Poznan food scene. The finalist of the Polish edition of Top Chef has won over the hearts of Poznan residents when he ran the sadly now defunct Zagroda Bamberska. He also made several appearances at the “Poznańscy Kucharze Razem” events. Zagroda Bamberska’s famous duck and the traditional “bambrzok” from Wielkopolska (a potato hash brown fried directly on the stove) are now served in Bee Jay’s!



Also on the menu there are a few simple bar style snacks and a good selection of salads, lunch dishes and desserts. English style fish and chips, beef tartare, Caesar salad or goose meat jelly are only a few selected items whose memory makes us want to return to Bee Jay’s the first chance we get. The lovers of meat should definitely take aim at  Sergiusz Hieronimczak’s new menu - the famous classic Tournedos Rossini, the duck and other meat dishes are the best testament to the chef’s excellent craft and the quality of food served at Bee Jay’s at the moment.



On the one hand, we will gladly return to Bee Jay’s again and again and warmly recommend the delicious food they serve. On the other hand, however, we quietly hope that a part of the locale, perhaps the one closer to the windows, will change its interiors just a little bit and become more of a restaurant. Such excellent cuisine deserves more daylight, more toned down music and the chance to have a conversation over a plate of fantastic food.




We hope to see you at Bee Jay’s!  



Stary Rynek 88, Poznań

Phone no.: +48 515 065 319   |   www.beejays.pl


Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020