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Szarlotta - Paweł Rozmiarek in a bistro

Welcome to Szarlotta Bistro! After months of preparation and testing, it is finally open and tempting the passers-by with the sight of cakes, desserts and the small open kitchen. All of this and much more can be seen through the enormous windows overlooking Świętosławska Street. Now, all that is left to do is to come inside and check whether everything tastes exactly as good as it looks. Paweł Rozmiarek is the chef here - the only Pole to win the Polish Culinary Cup, probably the most prestigious culinary competition in the country- twice.


A new restaurant has opened at Świętosławska 12. It used to be the location of a very dusky pub. Now, in its place, after months of hard work, the cozy Szarlotta has emerged; not so much a restaurant as a bistro, which is a combination of a cafe, a bar and a restaurant. It is also a bit less formal than a restaurant, which is supposed to encourage visiting the place often and with literally any smallest reason.



If you are curious to find out what Szarlotta looks like and what it offers, start with coffee. It is a good opportunity to touch things, take a longer look at the menu and maybe, just maybe, be lured into having the divine apple pie. It is heated in an oven, so the lovers of microwaved food might have to wait a bit longer than they are used to.



The way the dishes are prepared here is no secret whatsoever. Admittedly, the production facilities occupy two levels, but its heart - the open-plan kitchen - is right there for everyone to see. You can spy on the cooks, but also have a conversation with them. It is a great experience and a valuable lesson, if only you are brave enough to chat up one of the busy-bee chefs. We are saying this with a big smile - we have known chef Paweł Rozmiarek and his sous-chef Bartek Budzyński for years. We cheered them on during the many culinary competitions they took part in and so we know that your presence will not stress them more than the stern looks from the culinary judges at professional competitions in and outside Poland. So chat away and ask anything!


Bartosz Budzyński Wielkopolska Chef of the Year - here is an article about one of Bartek’s culinary achievements.


Paweł Rozmiarek and Bartek Budzyński


Oxtail bouillon


The cafe and bar offer is clearly visible without having to look at the menu. The appetising window display with cakes and desserts and the long counter and bar will let you feast your eyes and make the preliminary sweet selection. If it is a more substantial meal you are after, such as a lunch or a dinner, the menu will come in handy, or indeed, a chat with one of the chefs. The menu is short and sweet, and the dishes are simple, in accordance with the bistro ideology. They are homely meals, based on a few ingredients and prepared with excellent culinary technique. If your plate features a piece of ham, buckwheat and meat, keep the review until the very end of the meal as the devil here is, as usual, in the details. These details are mostly sauces and soups, and more precisely - the natural bases of their production. The same is true for meats which, before finding their way onto the plate, are processed for multiple hours.


Pork ham with millet, apple mousse and wine sauce


Will Szarlotta win you over? Well, in the battle for your affinity cannot be won with mere recommendations - as always, we invite you to come on over and be the judge. For our part, we keep our fingers crossed for the good cuisine, the lovely location and the likeable staff.


Good luck, Szarlotta!


Szarlotta has two levels - the cellar is an ideal place for those seeking privacy and quiet


P.S. Don’t forget to pop into the cellar! It is the perfect place to escape from the world’s troubles. The insanely comfy armchairs are a great option for the reader-coffee lover.


Szarlotta Bistro

Świętosławska 12, Poznań   |   szarlotta.pl   |   tel.: +48 693 607 708

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