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Markets, marketplaces and green stalls of Poznań

Stalls and green markets are important places to local tradition. In marketplaces, you can find all that is regional, authentic and seasonal. Little markets, so beloved and popular among homemakers, tourists and chefs alike, are a real paradise for the culinary lovers and health food enthusiasts.


The location of each one of Poznań’s markets is closely connected with their historical and current functionalities. They used to supply individual settlements, later turned districts of Poznań and were the trade hubs for each of the residential areas. Luckily for the townspeople, the markets have stood up to large supermarket chains and find their faithful clientele to this very day.


What can we buy at Poznań’s markets? Above all, seasonal fruit and vegetables, eggs, baked goods and pickles. In stalls, booths and from specially adapted vehicles, meats, cold cuts, cheeses, herbs and fish are also sold. In Zielony Targ (the Green Market, a Saturday market at Bernardyński Square) there are also farmhouse cheeses, freshly squeezed juices or sweet baked goods.


You can shop at Poznań’s markets from Monday to Friday - from very early hours of the morning till about 5pm. It happens that some individual stalls and booths are open a bit longer. On Saturdays, the markets operate until about 1pm. So, if you plan on shopping on a Saturday, do try and be at the market of your choice before noon.



The market space is more and more often utilised by organizers of seasonal fairs and themed trade events. One example of this is the Christmas market in Poznań’s Jeżyce district (Rynek Jeżycki). Christmas ornaments, and most of all many ready made foods referring to Polish Christmas traditions.



Bernardyński Square and the Green Market (Saturdays)

Bernardyński is one of the two main squares located in the very center of Poznań, a mere few minutes walk from the Old Market Square. It is undoubtedly a convenient location for those tourists whose packed schedule does not allow them to venture into more remote parts of the city. The market has been relocated from the Old Market Square in 1945, and in the prewar period, hay for horses was sold here.



The Green Market (Zielony Targ) is a popular fruit and vegetable market as well as an eco-foods bazaar, organized on Saturdays in the Bernardyński Square area. This initiative has gained many followers and the recognition of the culinary and health food promotion community. The Green Market, highly awarded and distinguished, has also found its way onto the pages of the prestigious French culinary guide series, Gault&Millau.


Plac Wielkopolski

Plac Wielkopolski - the marketplace closest in location to Stary Rynek, north off Góra Przemysła. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit can be bought here, next to breads, dairy and meats. The pickled veg is worth trying, especially the delicious sauerkraut. The square is surrounded by the soc-realist buildings from the 1950’s. The architectural design posted a reference to the historical buildings, and the skilled eye will notice many details of historicized character. An interesting fact is that until 1876, in the southern part of the square there was a pond, established on the Bogdanka river.



Rynek Jeżycki

Rynek Jeżycki - one of the city’s marketplaces, supplying mainly the residents of the Jeżyce district. It used to be a part of a suburban settlement, later incorporated into the city’s urban structure. This market offers a wide variety of fruit and veg as well as fish, poultry, dairy and seasonal forest fruit. From the side of Kraszewskiego street, the market is made up of flower shops, where fresh flowers are available 24/7.


Rynek Wildecki

Rynek Wildecki - much like Rynek Jeżycki, this is one of the city’s marketplaces. Located in the central spot of the Wilda district, it too used to be a part of a suburban settlement. The market offers a broad selection of fruit and veg, as well as fish, poultry, dairy and seasonal forest fruit.



Rynek Łazarski

Rynek Łazarski - a historic marketplace located at the very heart of the Łazarz district of Poznań, with over 250 stalls offering mostly fruit and vegetables, but also breads, poultry, dairy and fish.







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