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Piano Bar - style, reputation and fresh fish

Stary Browar (The Old Brewery) in Poznań is a well-known place for most Poznań-bound tourists. To many, it is the destination of their journey or at least its must-see element. This trade center is seething with culture and art as well as being a popular location for workshops and meetups. It also prides itself in its interesting eatery and cafe offer. The Piano Bar, located in the gorgeous passageway between the new and the old part of the Brewery, is a worthy representative of this esteemed culinary cluster.

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The Piano Bar’s all-year-round outside seating in the Stary Browar courtyard


The character of the restaurant is mainly constituted by the personality and working style of its chef. For nearly a year now, Krystian Szopka - known to many for his longyear activities in the five-star restaurant of the Sheraton Hotel in Poznań - is the chef at Piano Bar, and it is he who creates the Bar’s current menu with its many refined, exciting items.


When asked about his menu’s strongest points, the chef doesn’t hesitate for one second - it is the fish. In a wide selection, filleted, whole, off the menu and as dish-of-the-day and - most importantly - always fresh and professionally prepared. Turbot, halibut, sole, gurnet and many, many more - all ready for you to discover them with your friends on your next visit to Piano Bar.


Krystian Szopka -Executive Chef at Piano Bar restaurant


Krystian Szopka - at Piano Car Restaurant & Cafe since September 2016; active in gastronomy since 1998. Executive Chef at Piano Bar restaurant since September 2016, previously chef at Sheraton Hotel Poznań’s restaurant for 8 years. Participated in many culinary competitions as a juror - among others in the Wielkopolska Chef and the Year or the Young Creator of Culinary Art competition. Also active as coach of the Polish Military Chefs Squad at the International Olympics in Luxembourg. At Sheraton, he was responsible for menu creation and the management of the two hotel restaurants. In an effort to share his culinary passion with others, he periodically organizes the “Cooking with a Chef” and “Culinary Academy” workshops, where he teaches the participants interesting ways of preparing dishes and shares his experience with them.  


The pasta is handmade


The kitchen receives fresh deliveries two to three times a week - and therefore there is no need to work off of frozen ingredients. It is undoubtedly a giant advantage and a hallmark of a good seafood restaurant. Of course, one must be aware that the availability of certain produce is dictated by nature, but it is something that fans of the fresh delicacies from the deep seas are definitely used to.


What is really interesting is that the fish designated to end up on the patron’s plate is presented to them first. If you wish, you may very well ask to view “your” fish before it is prepped to be able to assess its quality and freshness. The matter of sides and manner of preparation can also be individually discussed with the waiting staff. If you have personal preferences and your own ideas, the chef will be happy to take them under consideration.


A fish dish from the Piano Bar menu


There is of course more to Piano Bar than just fish - the menu also offers a selection of Italian style pastas and dumplings, both prepared from handmade dough which is not frozen or preserved in any way, shape or form. Be sure to try the duck ravioli in boletus and orange sauce as well as the truffle ravioli with champignons on sellery mash - both are certain to win over your heart from the first bite.


The lunch offer available on workdays between 12 and 4pm is a three dish menu at 36 PLN. Try it!


If you give yourself a bit of time for a chat with the waiting staff, you will discover delicacies such as the 7-hour wild boar ragoût - a dish based on an ancient, forgotten Tuscan recipe and served with potato gnocchi. These are a mere few examples of the many wonderful dishes worth asking for in Piano Bar and definitely worth chatting about - and essentially, they all have an interesting backstory or unique recipe.


A dessert from the lunch set menu available on weekdays.


Due to its elegance and refinement, the Piano Bar might seem a bit intimidating - needlessly! It is the ideal place for a casual coffee or a reasonably priced lunch. The three dish set lunch menu will take you back a mere 36 PLN and it is our suggestion for the first visit at Piano Bar.

See you at Stary Browar!


The central of three spaces at the disposal of Piano Bar patrons


Piano Bar Restaurant & Café

ul. Półwiejska 42, 61 – 888 Poznań

www.pianobar.poznan.pl   |   www.facebook.com/RestauracjaPianoBar   | tel. +48 61 859 65 70


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