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Best fish soups in Poznań?

Hotel Kolegiacki is a place well known among many tourists and Poznań residents alike. Not many people know however that the roof of the hotel has a summer terrace which, in the warm months, allows for a lazy rest in the sun, and offers an unforgettable panoramic view of Poznań. What happens when it gets colder? The inner hotel patio, as well as the delicious fish soup, can be enjoyed all year round. That’s right! Hotel Kolegiacki invites you to dinner and issues a lovely challenge - it is seemingly the best fish soup in town!

Fish soup with salmon and prawns


In our everyday web work it is important to seek out distinguishing features. We look for the exceptional things, which would make going out, or even a trip to Poznań worthwhile. We must admit, in Hotel Kolegiacki the greatest point of interest was their rooftop terrace. It is an amazing place for an afternoon cup of coffee, or an evening outing with friends. The terrace offers an incredible view at any time of the day. Unfortunately, it is not available in the autumn and winter season.


Hotel lobby (Hotel Kolegiacki)


While we await the coming of spring, word has reached us about hotel and restaurant guests coming back over and over for the fish soup. We decided to investigate, to enquire about the truth in the rumours and - most importantly - to try the soup! It is delicious! Very much like its French cousin, the Bouillabaisse, it is rich and filling.


As the saying goes - de gustibus non est disputandum, there’s no accounting for tastes; it would therefore be foolish to expect everyone to just trust our tastes blindly. The chef and hotel owners assured us they are more than ready and happy to woo you and to put their soup, their pride and joy, up as a candidate for the best fish soup in town in your own private rankings. There is not much else left to do but to accept the challenge and visit Hotel Kolegiacki restaurant. Make sure to have your soup in the lovely patio!


Duck with potatoes


Wizyta w kolegiackim była okazją do spróbowania także innych pozycji z karty menu. Jeśli mielibyśmy inspirować Wasze kolejne wybory to polecamy halibuta i kaczkę. Styl dań przywodzi na myśl solidną domową kuchnię, rozumianą jako jakościowe składniki i solidne porcje. Sposób podania potraw jest bardzo klasyczny, charakterystyczny dla restauracji o profilu tradycyjnym. Nie musicie się obawiać żadnych ekstrawagancji czy eksperymentów.


The visit at Kolegiacki was the chance to also try other menu items. If we were to inspire your subsequent choices, do try the halibut and the duck. The style of these dishes brings to mind a hearty, homely cuisine, understood as quality ingredients and generous portions. The arrangement on the plate is very classical, characteristic for traditional profile restaurants. There are no extravagance or experiments to worry about.


Halibut with prawns and vegetables


Bon appetit! Smacznego!


Hotel Kolegiacki

Plac Kolegiacki 5, 61-841 Poznań

www.hotelkolegiacki.pl   |   tel. +48 61 855 05 05   |   recepcja@hotelkolegiacki.pl

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