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Poznań’s best hotel restaurants

For many years, hotel restaurant food had the reputation of being average quality, uninteresting gastronomical offer. Even today, there are still many of those biased against it claim it to be boring, only for tourists and - most of all - overpriced. Nothing could be further from the truth! Hotel restaurants nowadays are completely independent gastronomical concepts, catering to the needs of hotel guests and outside diners. In the interest of both, they changed their menus, interiors and attitude to food. They offer tasty, modern food, often becoming trendsetters. It is our pleasure to share out experiences with you and to tell you exactly which hotel restaurants you should definitely be on the lookout for!


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What makes hotel restaurants stand out among other eateries? In terms of offer, quality of service and interior design - practically nothing. A frequent advantage is their own parking facility, fixed opening hours and often also a larger restaurant space. It is not only about the number of seats, but also the spaciousness. In hotel restaurants it is easier to find something to do for bored children, leave the table for a minute to take a call or go out for a cigarette or a chat which we don’t wish to have with other members of our party.


Sezony hotel & restaurant - Trzek village (surroundings of Poznań)


Hotel restaurants are often places with a more traditional menu. Among the sophisticated designer dishes there are sure to be also the classics, appealing to those with a slightly more conservative palate and culinary taste. Thereby, hotel restaurants are also the safest bet for a family party or a meeting with people whose culinary tastes we are unfamiliar with. Who among us has not heard, after browsing the menu, someone say, “I cannot see anything I like”. There you are! At a hotel restaurant, the risk of this happening is much, much lower.   


Danie restauracji hotelu NH Poznań - Święty Marcin 67, Poznań


Below there is a list of restaurants which, in the eyes of Poznań residents and tourists alike, are hotel restaurants although perhaps the establishments themselves might not consider themselves that. Many of them emphasize their distinctiveness and independence of the hotels they are associated with. We have been able to visit all these places on many occasions, testing them and making recommendations - to the sheer delight of our partners. Be sure to see for yourselves which of them become your favorite.




Surroundings of Poznań:

  • DELLO Ristorante (hotelu Delicjusz, ul. Poznańska 1, Trzebaw)
  • Sezony (hotel Sezony, ul. Opolowa 25, 62-025 Trzek)
  • Taste_it  (HOT_elarnia, ul. Morenowa 33, Puszczykowo)
  • Wielspin (ul. Wysoka 8, Puszczykowo)


Restauracja Falvoria (IBB Andersia) - plac Andersa 3, Poznań


If during your stay in Poznań you would like to spend the night at a place serving excellent food, restaurants which also offer accommodation are worth taking into account:


Cztery Pory Roku (Hotel Vivaldi) -  ul. Winogrady 9, Poznań



Much has been said about the new hotel investments in Poznań. The new players in the market will have to treat the food offer of their establishments very, very seriously. We are certain they will be interesting places, consciously fighting for their recognition and their customers’ favorable reviews. We quietly hope that among the new hotel restaurants there will be at least a few we will all want to come back to again and again. Soon - in the first quarter of 2018 - Winestone restaurant will open in Novotel Poznań Centrum. We cannot wait!


Winestone Poznań (Hotel Mercure) - ul. Roosevelta 20


As you can see, our list also includes establishments associated more with their own gastronomical activity than the hotel they are housed in - and Brovaria is an excellent example. It is one of the Old Market Square’s most recognisable spots, where you can eat great food and have a pint of locally brewed beer. The hotel is practically a mere addition to the immense gastronomical possibilities of this unusual place.

We wholeheartedly invite you all to visit the hotel restaurants from our list - and do let us know if there are any other interesting locations and restaurants we may have missed at biuro@plot.poznan.pl.


Enjoy your meal!






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