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Good quality meat has become a luxury commodity. You should not only know where to buy them, but also how to store them and how to prepare them. It is a great art. Only a few can control the meat in a way that will allow to display its taste, aroma and structure. Fortunately, more and more places take a meat course for specialization. We advise who to take on the finder in search of the best restaurant serving dishes for big boys. You have to decide for yourself whether they have met the demanding task.

Autentyk - Kuchnia I Ludzie

ul. Grunwaldzka 248, 60-101 Poznań


Autentyk Kuchnia i Ludzie is Ernest Jagodziński’s designer restaurant. In 2017, this chef and winner of multiple Gault&Millau distinctions has decided to finally open his own place. The establishment gained popularity very quickly and Jagodziński has proven he is well deserving of the title of one of Poznań’s top chefs. Not many know that this lowkey, elegant and homely restaurant also has a small meat maturing facility (photo). A seasoned steak and the chef’s prime skillset is a guarantee for success. On the menu there are many different dishes, including (would you believe it?) meat-free options. If your co-diners do not share your passion for meat, Autentyk has the ideal choice for them as well.



Autentyk - Kuchnia I Ludzie - ul. Grunwaldzka 248, Poznań


Evil Steakhouse (City Park)

ul. Wojskowa 4, 61-792 Poznań
Evil Steakhouse is a real revolution. All other meat servers look pale in comparison with this establishment - own meat maturing facility, steaks of over a kilo and ginormous boards the food is served on create an atmosphere that is truly one of a kind. Not to mention the cooks with burners in their hands - now THAT is a sight to behold, much like a scene from a Mexican horror movie. If you like meat, this is the place for you. Despite being on the food market for nearly a year, Evil’s popularity has not dropped one bit. A quick phone call before popping in might come in handy since the place is usually quite full. Another noteworthy point is that Evil’s staff has a very personal and engaged customer approach - when setting foot at the steakhouse, we know what we came for and who is there to welcome us. A big round of well-deserved applause and keep it up, Evil!  
Evil Steakhouse Poznań - ul. Wojskowa 4, Poznań (City Park / Stare Koszary)
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Fat Bob Burger

ul. Kramarska 21, 61-765 Poznań
Fat Bob Burger has been on the food market for several years now. Right after opening, the word on the street was that this was a place popular among Poznań’s chefs who supposedly raved over the meat quality and its preparation. Whether or not this is true, Fat Bob Burger did cause quite the stir on Poznań’s burger scene. The restaurant has undergone a slight refurbishment in size and continues to serve tasty and popular burgers. A semi-open plan kitchen means some of the guests may leave the place smelling of what they just ate, so maybe if you plan on going there immediately before a theater visit, you might be a bigger star than those appearing on stage.


ul. Słowackiego 27, 60-101 Poznań
Small establishments with short menus and a rather austere interiors have began to appear in Poznań a few years ago. At first treated a bit like a seasonal fad and a form of urban hipsterisation. Many of them did stand the test of time in the end proving that this formula perfectly matches the urban reality and the diners are hungry for more. What is Kraft? It is exactly that - austere, urban, local, modern, mature, specialised and very, very tasty. It serves excellent meat dishes at very reasonable prices. If spending a fortune on a seasoned steak is not really your thing - pop in for a two-course lunch at a special price or at least a soup. Kraft pairs its food with craft beers (what else?), professionally matching the menu items with particular types of beers. This place is pure genius!
KRAFT - ul. Słowackiego 27, Poznań

Lumiere - Hotel Edison

ul. Wypoczynkowa 60, 62-081 Przeźmierowo
The Lumiere restaurant is located in the Hotel Edison in Baranowo. After a general renovation, it gained a lovely new look and admittedly - it is quite special. Many months before its opening, it was the talk of the town and - according to the teasers and announcements - it was to be the first restaurant in Poznań serving seasoned steak. The popular and valued chef Jakub Kasprzak personally oversees the maturing of the meats and the creation of the menu. Today, as the competition grows strong, Lumiere has to fight for their diners’ favours with each plate.

Pig In Fog

ul. Piekary, 60-101 Poznań
Pig In Fog is a food truck serving pork in the form of sandwiches and burgers. If you think, oh, not another wheelie burger joint! - you could not be more wrong. This place is the tour de pork force! The chef’s talent and experience combined with detailed knowledge on food create a result worthy of each meat lover’s palate. The food-trucky, reasonable prices and quick, efficient service are the icing on this incredibly tasty pork pie. Enjoy!

U myśliwych

ul. Libelta 37, 61-707 Poznań
U Myśliwych is a restaurant connected with the hunting clubs and of course, serves game based dishes. There is also a small deli next to the restaurant with a great selection of both meat and many sorts of sausages, pates and cold-cuts. This is probably the widest selection of game produce in Poznań.

U Rzeźników

ul. Kościuszki 69, 60-101 Poznań
The intersection of Kościuszki and Taczka is real foodie territory aimed mostly at the many students from the nearby universities. The close vicinity of the Poznań University of Economics influences both the local restaurant menus and their price range. On the menu at U Rzeźników there are tongues, livers, beef tartare and cheeks, and a selection of steaks, burgers, ribs and sandwiches which, you will admit, is an abundance of choices. The restaurant’s good reputation with the diners was confirmed with a prestigious award by Gault&Millau in 2018. We congratulate U Rzeźników and wholeheartedly recommend you check it out.
U Rzeźników - ul. Kościuszki 69, Poznań

UP in Smoke

ul. Jeżycka 39, 60-101 Poznań (food truck)   
Up in Smoke is a wood-burning barbecue and a smokehouse in one - and, it’s on wheels! If you are after creating your own personal list of best prime rib in town, Up in Smoke has set the bar really high. The menu also offers very well-made pulled pork. The food is excellent, as is the service - and the atmosphere tops the whole thing and gives enough reasons to plan your next lunch at Up in Smoke. And one more thing - here, it always smells divine!

Whiskey in the Jar

ul. Stary Rynek 100, 61-772 Poznań
Beef tartare, burgers, steaks and ribs are reasons enough to put an establishment on our “meat” list. Apart from good food, what else does Whiskey in the Jar have to offer? A long list of cocktails served in special mason jars and a really hard-rock atmosphere - it is loud, vibrant and colorful. If you are lucky, there is also live music as concerts are a common occurrence in this place. Do be sure to spot the glorious Harley Davidson motorbike near the stage and keep in mind that the establishment has two floors.
  • Autentyk - Kuchnia I Ludzie - ul. Grunwaldzka 248, 60-101 Poznań
  • Bee Jay's Restaurant Since 2000 - Stary Rynek 88, 60-101 Poznań
  • Cammero Steak House - ul. Bukowska 11, 60-101 Poznań
  • Evil Steakhouse Poznań - ul. Wojskowa 4, 61-792 Poznań
  • Fat Bob Burger - ul. Kramarska 21, 61-765 Poznań
  • KRAFT - ul. Słowackiego 27, 60-101 Poznań
  • Lumiere - Hotel Edison - ul. Wypoczynkowa 60, 62-081 Przeźmierowo
  • Meat us - Żydowska 26, 61-761 Poznań
  • MO.BAR / Wyczesane Porki - Wroniecka 18, 61-763 Poznań
  • Pig In Fog - ul. Piekary, 60-101 Poznań
  • Pinco Pallino - restauracja włoska - Garbary 59, 60-101 Poznań
  • Salon z ogrodem - ul. Limanowskiego 5, 60-743 Poznań
  • Steak House Villa Patrick - ul. Miodowa 1, 62-081 Baranowo
  • Tequilarnia - ul. Stary Rynek 56, 60-101 Poznań
  • U myśliwych - ul. Libelta 37, 61-707 Poznań
  • U Rzeźników - ul. Kościuszki 69, 60-101 Poznań
  • UP in Smoke - ul. Jeżycka 39, 60-101 Poznań (food truck)
  • Whiskey in the Jar - ul. Stary Rynek 100, 61-772 Poznań
  • Wyczesane Porki - ul. Wroniecka 18, 61-763 Poznań
  • ZDOLNI - ul. Piekary 24, 60-101 Poznań



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