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Regional cuisine

Regional cuisine leaves a great deal of room for interpretation - for some, it is a true calling and a mission of sorts; for others, it is mainly a source of inspiration or even fun. It is with great curiosity that we discover both the places who meticulously cultivate culinary traditions, and those who loosely base their creations on it. Luckily for Poznań, there are enough ideas for the presentation of our culinary heritage for everyone to find something for themselves.

Regional cuisine offers a wide range for interpretation. For some it is a mission, for others it is only inspiration or even just fun. We are curious to reach places that carefully nurture culinary traditions and those that freely refer to it. Luckily for Poznań, there are enough ideas for presenting its culinary heritage for everyone to find something for themselves.


Students and families will appreciate the reasonable prices at Pyra Bar , a restaurant serving exclusively potato dishes. The traditional form of serving and the taste of the region can be found in HyćceBamberka and Hacjendza, famous for its roasted duck. Polish cuisine in a contemporary, slightly more casual edition will be presented by ZdolniRzemieślnicza3 kolory MaltaModra Kuchnia (the best dumplings with duck!) and Papierówka. Fans of smart casual and fine dining cuisine should pay attention to Restauracja Rynek (Sheraton), RatuszovaBulwaR and the award-winning A nóż Widelec (cucumber soup!), for which it is worth going away from the center. Figa near Poznań should also be on the list of gourmets, despite the fact that Polish accents are intertwined here with dishes of European cuisine. There is also venison, considered a national culinary treasure. This one can be found in the U myśliwych restaurant located in the very center and the Lizawk restaurant located on the outskirts (from the city of Swarzędz side).


Regional, Polish and home cuisine (full selection)


We will be happy to advise you which of the restaurants in Poznań and its vicinity will be closest to your expectations. We are available at the Tourist Information and in the editorial office of the "Where to eat in Poznań" portal. Please do not hesitate to contact us!






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