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KRAFT - craft meat & beer

Small establishments with simple, short menus and a more raw interior have begun appearing in Poznań a few years ago, at first thought of as more of a seasonal oddity and a sign of the urban hipsterization. Many of them did indeed stand the test of time proving that this formula can and does work in an urban reality and the diners have an appetite for more. What is KRAFT like? Well, it is raw, urban, local, modern, mature, specialised and very, very tasty! Today, let us take you into Poznań’s Jeżyce district for a portion of excellent meat.

When Kraft first started to emerge in Słowackiego (around Asnyka square), it seemed to be another seasonal establishment without much chance for survival - a mere whim which focuses so much on its interiors, it forgets that its main role is to feed people tasty food. It is really nice to admit to have been wrong thinking that, and that this restaurant is one Jeżyce can be truly proud of. 



Kraft’s speciality is quite narrow - it is meat and craft beers. And before you say anything - yes, there are multiple places in Poznań offering good beers, but someone who knows their way around meat is much more difficult to find. It is a true art form and many an establishment claiming to possess the necessary skills in the subject was sadly unable to rise up to this tough challenge. Kraft is therefore the more praiseworthy for having meat down to a science and serving up true delicacies.



The menu is short - there are soups, homemade sausage, spare ribs or beef midriff steak. It seems nothing out of the ordinary, but still! The simplicity of composition exposes the masterful preparation of the meat ingredients. It is all delicate, tasty and aromatic. There is no doubt about it that Kraft is one of the few places worthy of a whole separate category in our portal, devoted only to meat dishes. We are giving it some serious thought as we speak.


The beer selection is also not too wide, but what is more important is that what is there is perfectly matched to the excellent food. If you are looking for a reason for your first visit at Kraft, the lunch of the day is a great place to start.



The interior design is rather simple and raw, although it must be pointed out it has changed a bit from the opening day. It has become warmer and more cosy. Today you can not only eat well here, but also spend a really nice couple of hours. Another winner idea was the summer beer garden where the guests could sit with a cold bottle of brew and a plate of spare ribs.


KRAFT - keep up the good work! See you soon!






Słowackiego 27, Poznań

www.facebook.com/KRAFTjezyce   |   phone no. +48 784 877 263

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020