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Bocuse d'Or Poland 2021

Jakub Kasprzak, a chef from Poznań, once again won the national qualifiers for the Bocuse d'Or, considered the most prestigious culinary competition in the world! The next stages are the European qualifiers in Budapest and the final in Lyon. The victory in the Polish selection (this is what the national stage is called) means that Kasprzak will advance to the European stage in Budapest in the spring of 2022. The world finals, a professional dream for chefs around the globe, will take place in January 2023. We keep our fingers crossed for the start in Hungary and hope for the grand final in winter 2023 in France!

On November 4, the Bocuse d'Or Poland 2021 culinary competition was held in Krakow. This is the first of the three stages of the most prestigious culinary competition in the world. The next stages are European qualifications, and the long journey will be crowned with the world finals traditionally organized in Lyon. You can read more about the history of the competition and its rules in our report on the Bocuse d'Or Poland 2019 selection.


The winner of the competition was a chef from Poznań. Jakub Kasprzak, because we are talking about him, has faced the Bocuse d'Or arena for the fourth time this year, which makes him the most experienced chef in Poland in terms of the number of starts. This number, and in fact the accumulation of many years of experience related to it, is of key importance. In this competition, there is no room for mistakes, delays and mistakes, and those without training in combat conditions cannot be avoided.



The last three Polish editions of the competition took place thanks to the titanic work of the Bocuse d'Or Poland Academy, closely cooperating with the Smarten PR agency. The organizers deserve great appreciation for their determination, vision of development and the ability to focus on the project many Polish and foreign culinary authorities. The competition is growing in strength and attracts more and more names from the culinary world.


The tasting jury included, among others, chef Davy Tissot, this year's winner of the Bocuse d'Or world finals, and chef Christophe Bacquie, winner of 3 Michelin stars and many other prestigious awards that make him one of the most recognizable personalities in French gastronomy. Famous chefs from many European and Polish countries sat next to the guests from France.


We are impressed by the culinary creations, the sports atmosphere of the struggle, the importance of the invited guests and the importance of the event itself. Bocuse d'Or Poland is the gateway to even greater challenges and sacrifices, which are waiting for the Polish candidate on their way to the European stage and we hope to reach the world finals as well.

We cordially invite you to support Jakub Kasprzak, visit the Bocuse d'Or Poland profile and as many reactions as possible to convince sponsors that we are all waiting for their involvement in a project that is so important for Polish gastronomy. Meanwhile, to give you a substitute for the emotions accompanying the described struggles, we are sharing more photos from the qualifying rounds in Krakow.



Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020