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8th Poznań Fortress Days 29-30.08.2020 - in English

Did you know that Poznan was one of the biggest fortresses in 19th century Europe? Join Poznań Fortress Days and learn more about its undiscovered history! This year we prepared selection of events available in English.

VII Dni Twierdzy Poznań 24-25.08.2019




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Check full programme in Polish (with a little help from translator 😉) and explore Poznań's fortifications.



 😷 Visit Poznań Fortress and stay safe 😷 

▶ The facilities and events that make up the Poznań Fortress Days are very different. Sightseeing takes place both indoors and outdoors.
▶ Before entering individual facilities, please read the safety rules applicable in them, related to the state of coronavirus threat.
▶ Please always have your mask with you and keep a safe distance from other people - at least 1.5-2 meters.
▶ The organizers will provide hand disinfection points. At the same time, we encourage you to take the disinfectant or gloves with you.
▶ Some attractions may have limits and restrictions on the people who can stay in the facility at one time.
▶ Please follow the organizers' instructions.
▶ Entering the premises of the facilities implies acceptance of the applicable rules. Persons who do not comply with them will not be able to participate in sightseeing and other events.
▶ If you do not feel well, for the health of yourself and others, please resign from participation in the Days of the Fortress Poznan.



🧱  Citadel Park walking tour – in search of lost fortress

🧱  Museum of Arms (Citadel Park)

🧱  The Cathedral Sluice (Porta Posnania)

🧱  Genius loci Archaeological Reserve

🧱  Schron Babimojska - Shelter Babimojska Street [also in German 🇩🇪]

🧱  Shelter "Wilson" in Wilson Park



Purple pins mark places and attractions available in English (or German).

Citadel Park walking tour – in search of lost fortress
Organised by: Stowarzyszenie REDUTA
Spacery po Cytadeli
Citadel Park, Poznań
telephone: +48 606 702 966
  • Saturday, 29.08.2020: 11:00 (in Polish) i 16:00 (in English)
  • Sunday, 30.08.2020: 11:00 (in Polish) i 16:00 (in English)
Tickets: free entrance
Some people know that in Poland we have the biggest medieval castle ever built. But few knows that we also have the biggest modern XIXth century fort in the world. Well, we had. But there is still a lot to see in Poznań and we'll be more than happy to tell you all about the Citadel park, which was planted on the remains of the Winiary fort. Prepare for a journey in time :)
Museum of Arms (Citadel Park)
Organised by: Wielkopolskie Muzeum Niepodległości
Muzeum Uzbrojenia
al. Armii Poznań, Park Cytadela, 61-663 Poznań
telephone: +48 61 820 4503
Opening hours:
  • Saturday, 29.08.2020: 10 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday, 30.08.2020: 10 am - 4 pm
  • regular 5 pln
  • reduced 3 pln
Programme: Museum invities you to explore its open air exhibiotions of Polish and Soviet arms: tanks, planes, cars etc.

About: The Museum of Arms is situated on the grounds of the late Fort Winiary (Poznań Citadel), raised by the Prussians in the years 1828-1842. The Citadel’s final outline however was formed much later, in the 1870’s. It was then that Fort Winiary became the most vital element of the fortification ring surrounding the city-fortress.

The museum itself is housed by the 1872 Military Laboratory shelter. In the well-preserved interior there is an exhibition of military objects, documents, photographs, plans and relics from the fortress fittings of Poznań Fortress. The greatest attraction of this permanent exhibition is an open-air military equipment park with over a dozen military vehicles, planes, helicopters, tanks, numerous cannons, guns and mine-throwers. The oldest exhibits come from the beginning of the 19th century.

The museum is a branch of Wielkopolskie Muzeum Walk Niepodległościowych (Greater-Poland Museum of the Battles for Independence).




The Cathedral Sluice (Porta Posnania)
Organised by: Porta Posnania / TRAKT Center for Cultural Tourism
Śluza Katedralna
ul Gdańska 2 (Sluice is located at Dziekańska street), 61-123 Poznań
telephone: +48 61 647 7621
Opening hours:
  • Saturday, 29.08.2020: 10 am - 7 pm
  • Sunday, 30.08.2020: 10 am - 7 pm
Tickets: free entrance
Program: Śluza Katedralna dostępna do zwiedzania indywidualnego w godzinach funkcjonowania Bramy Poznania
About: The Cathedral Sluice as one of the fortress’s first hydraulic structures was a part of Ostrów Tumski’s (eng. Cathedral Island) reinforcements. Completed largely in 1834-1838, it mostly had the function of a weir in the case of flooding danger from the waters of Cybina river. It also enabled communication between Cathedral Island and Śródka. Nowadays the Cathedral Sluice is a part of Porta Posnania - Interactive Center of History serving as an exhibition space.



Genius loci Archaeological Reserve
Organised by: Archaeological Museum in Poznań
Rezerwat Archeologiczny Genius loci
ul. Posadzego 3, Poznań (Ostrów Tumski - The Cathedral Island), entrance from Lubrańskiego street
telephone: +48 660 869 679, +48 61 852 2167
Opening hours:
  • Saturday, 29.08.2020: 10 am - 6 pm
  • Sunday, 30.08.2020: 10 am - 3 pm
  • regular 10 PLN
  • reduced 6 PLN
  • free entrance on Sundays
Programme: The reserve invites to explore its exhibition individually.
About: Explore the oldest part of Poznań and see the remains of medieval settlement. The reserve presents relics of the early-Piast Middle Ages town fortifications dating back to the 10th Century, and the remains of the Renaissance wall that once surrounded the Cathedral Island. In the state-of-the-art audio-visual hall the visitors can follow through the history of the settlement on the Cathedral Island, which began in the 10th century.
Modern exposition solutions, factual content based on a system of multimedia visualisations and holographic presentations as well as a 3D technology film are just some ventures through which the subject of beginnings of early Polish statehood and the city of Poznań is introduced. Apart from sightseeing opportunities, the Reserve also organises workshops, learning activities, temporary displays, concerts and cultural events.
Schron Babimojska - Shelter Babimojska Street [also in German 🇩🇪]
Organised by: Fundacja Poznańczycy
Schron Babimojska
ul. Babimojska na wysokości nr 11, Poznań
telephone: +48 503 092 659
Opening hours:
  • Saturday, 29.08.2020: closed
  • Sunday, 30.08.2020: 10 am - 6 pm
Tickets: free entrance
Programme: Guided tour at every full hour - ask for English or German. Souvenir stall at the premises. 
About: The shelter at Babimojska Street in Poznań was built during the modernization of the south-west section of the Poznań Fortress in the years 1903–1904. It was made of concrete as a infantry shelter. During the Cold War, the search for an effective method of counteracting the effects of the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially on the civilian population, began. In search of a safe place to coordinate these activities, attention was drawn to the former objects of the outer fortress ring of the old Poznań fortress. An infantry bunker at Babimojska Street was selected and converted into a Civil Defense bunker. The area was fenced and the façade was covered with earth, a boiler room was added and installed diesel engine with generator and filtering devices, and the inputs were modified.


Shelter "Wilson" in Wilson Park
Organised by: Stowarzyszenie Oś 64
Schron Wilson
Park Wilsona (entrance from Berwińskiego Street)
telephone: +48 695 596 150
Opening hours:
  • sobota, 29.08.2020: 11:00-15:00
  • niedziela, 30.08.2020: 11:00-15:00
Tickets: free entrance
Programme: guided tours in English available on Saturday, 29.08.2020, 11 am - 4 pm
About: An air raid shelter built in 1944 for the Germans who lived at that time in luxurious tenement houses on Matejki Street. It consists of a series of narrow and winding rooms with a total length of 110 meters. The facility was discovered only in 1998 during the renovation of the Wilson Park and the Palm House.

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