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Steam Locomotives - regular rides from Poznań

Unique travel - in time and literally!

Steam locomotives on tracks is a sight quite rare. Luckily, interest in the steam monsters keeps growing and we can say that they experience their Renaissance. Just about 80 kilometers from Poznań there is the Engine House Wolsztyn. It still works and is not only a museum but operating for over 100 years roundhouse. There are not many places of this kind in Europe.



source: www.parowozowniawolsztyn.pl


We encourage you to visit, and in the meantime great news for everyone interested – you can take a steam train from Poznań Main Station. Cars pulled by steam locomotive depart from Poznań Główny every Saturday, twice a day. The route leads to Wolsztyn and back. The rides are operated by Wielkopolska Trains (Koleje Wielkopolskie). Tickets cost as any other to Wolsztyn, which is (in February 2019) only 17,10 zł (regular ticket). They are to obtain in Koleje Wielkopolskie’s box office, in a ticket machine and from the manager of the train. Remeber! If you buy your ticket on the train, while box office at the station is open, 8 zł is being added.


Below link to the current time table. Hours of departure are the ones with a tiny steam locomotive at the bottom.


Click to see a list of timetables. Then, choose Poznań <-> Wolsztyn:







main photo: T.Opaska / source: www.parowozowniawolsztyn.pl

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