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Results of voting for Best European Christmas Market

Voting for the Best European Christmas Market behind us. More than 200 000 people voted this year, and the biggest amount of votes got Tallinn, Estonia. Poznań high on the list!

For almost ten years, prestigious platform Best European Destinations sets a list of cities in Europe with the best Christmas Market. This year Poznań, as the only Polish city, is one of them.


Voting ended December 10th and at 4 p.m. we had the results. The winner of this year's edition is Tallinn. Congratulations! 




Next four most voted cities where Budapest, Strasbourg, Vienna and Erfurt, respectively. Poznań placed at 6th position, which is very good score! Congratulations to all the organizors and great thanks to everyone who voted. Without you we would not get this high!

Without further ado, go and pack your bags and visit Poznań on the way from Tallinn! Poznań Bethlehem lasts until December 21st!







Poznań is nominated not only for Best Christmas Market in Europe, but also Beast European Destination for 2019! Voting from January 15th to February 5th, 2019. More informations HERE.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020