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Forerunner of Winter in Poznań

Check out, how you can fill your winter time in Poznań.


Poznań Bethlehem  ||  November 16th until December 22nd, 2019

Poznań Bethlehem is an annual Christmas Market, for the couple of years taking over not only The Old Market Square but also Wolności Square, both places connected with a special Christmas Lane (Paderewskiego Street). This huge event attracts visitors from the region, as well as from abroad. In 2019 Poznań Bethlehem has been awarded the 6th best in Europe, according to the European Best Destinations.

On the market you will find souvenirs, Christmas decorations, local food and even mini amusement park. A cherry on top is the big wheel giving amazing view on the city center.


Traditionally, the fair begins on Plac Wolności, November 16th. The other part - on the Old Market Square - starts on Novmeber 30th. Both end on December 22nd. However, the big wheel stayes on Plac Wolności until the end of January.







Ice Festival  ||  December 7th and 8th, 2019


Usually begins during Poznań Bethlehem. For few days The Old Market Square in Poznań turns into ice town, where multiple of ice sculptures decorates the most visited place in our city. This gives truly picturesque view but there is a competition to that. International groups from all over the world compete against each other for the title of the most beautiful ice creation. Also, time carving happens each time.







City New Year's Party  ||  December 31st


For many years now City’s New Year’s party takes place on the Wolności Square. Each time surprises with design and musical program. The event is always free of charge.





March of the Three Wise Men  ||  January 6th, 2020


March of the Three Wise Men starts, again, on the Wolności Square. After short inauguration, colorful parade surrounded by music marches to the Old Market Square, where there is spectacle of Three Wise Men paying a visit to Baby Jesus.







Nativity Scene in Franciscan Church  ||  December 24th until the end of January/beggining of February


Since the 50s, each year in the church on the Bernardyński Square, there is Nativity Scene being prepared, presumed to be one of the biggest in Europe. Its size, indeed, is enormous. These days the crib contains over 250 figures and statues, most of them moving. The set is being built by monks  and volunteers. Official run happens on the Christmas Eve, however effects of the work can be seen few days earlier. Crib available to watch for the December and whole January.


Place: church of św. Franciszek Seraficki, Pl. Bernardyński, Poznań






Celebrations of Wielkopolskie Uprising 1918/19  ||  last week of December 2019


The end of December in Poznań focuses mostly on the Wielkopolskie Uprising 1918/19, when inhabitants of our city begun a rebel against occupants, what effected in regaining freedom by Poland. This event brought our country back to maps of the world, this is why we celebrate it with a bang. During celebrations you can see spectacle of Jan Ignacy Paderewski coming to Poznań by train (his speech encouraged Poznań people to fight). You can visit insurgents’ village on the Wolności Square and check the special program of the Museum of Wielkopolskie Uprising on the Old Market Square.





Festival of Art and Artistic Work  ||  November 29th until December 1st


Fair of handicraft and decorations, each year surprising with variety of offers and stands. Taking place on the Poznań International Fairs. This is perfect occasion for finding something special and unique for Christmas.






International Festival of The Young Watcher Ale Kino!  ||  December 1st - 12th, 2019


Organized since 1998 international film festival, mainly directed to the young audience. The festival always contains original, outstanding variety of short and full lenght films. Every year, best work is being awarded by special jury, in this case... kids themsleves.

Screening in many Poznań cinemas - the big ones, as well as in the arthouses.






Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020