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The Botanical Garden Sculpture Exhibition

The exhibition "Bli┼╝ej Natury" ("Closer to Nature") by the Wielkopolska Sculptor Artists Association is taking place between April 6th and 26th 2017 at the Exposition and Didactic Pavilion of the UAM Botanical Garden.  

What is nature and culture? An adventure, a form of survival, an artistic ecstasy? A utopia, a dream of an organised world or the attempt to harness and understand it? An artistic vision of nature has become a field of battle and its accompanying emotions.


"Closer to Nature" is an exhibition aiming to provoke the observer to see nature in various contexts, to encourage a diversified and open attitude towards the subject as well as a change in its traditional understanding. All the artwork presented at the exhibition is authored by artists from the Wielkopolska Sculptor Artists Association.


The exhibition is available to the public between April 6th and 26th 2017.






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