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Spring in Poznan

When does spring start in Poznań? When in the Snowflake Ravine near Murowana Goślina spring snowflake grows. This small flower makes white carpets which are the most intensive in the middle of March. Thousands of people visits this place to admire the flowers. However, there are many more reasons to visit Poznań in spring.

Four wheels or two legs

For many people a car is a means of transport which can take us to such places as the Snowflake Ravine mentioned above. For others, it can be a purpose in itself, even a passion. Those people will surely enjoy Poznań Motor Showwhich will be held at Poznań International Fair from 5th to 8th April 2018. This is one of the biggest motor shows in this part of Europe.

the Snowflake Ravine

Poznań Motor Show, fot. MTP

However, there are people who prefer two legs to four wheels. They may be interested in Poznań half-marathon on 15th April 2018. Last year, over 10 thousand runners ran those 21 kilometers. This year we can expect similar attendance and fantastic sport atmosphere.


Spring cultural boom

Spring revival can be noticed not only in nature, but also in culture. April will see another edition of Spring Break Festival (19-21.04.2018). This event gathers fans of various music styles and sounds. It is a good opportunity to listen to new artists and make new contacts, especially new artists with producers or record labels. The festival is held in a few places at the same time. The main stage is on the Liberty Square, but equally important concerts take place in small clubs which become vibrant with new energy.

Enea Spring Break Festival, fot. Jacek Mójta

One of the most recognized tourist brands in the capital of Wielkopolska is 'Half Price Poznań'. During one special weekend once a year we can make use of Poznań attractions, hotels, restaurants and many other places for half the price. There is also free tourist program that goes with the event. This year during the weekend of 28th-29th April 2018 it will be the same.

Half Price Poznań, fot. Jakub Pindych

In May the spring is in full bloom. It is time to visit Poznań Design Festival (11-18.05.2018) and its theme will be 'Biodiversity'. During this exceptional event you can find out how to design objects, spaces and whole cities to make them more environmentally friendly, but also more open for people. The program includes exhibitions, lectures, workshops, research tours and many more admission fee free events.

Poznań Design Festiwal, fot. Wojciech Mania

Actually, it is worth staying in Poznań for longer for at least two reasons. First, it is  Pyrkon Fantasy Festival held from 18th to 20th May 2018. It is by far one of the biggest events of that kind in Europe attracting over 40 thousand fantasy fans. The important part of the program is meetings with writers. This year Graham Master was introduced, famous author of horrors and… sex guides.

Pyrkon, fot. Marcin Pflanz

Don’t forget about Night of Museums on 19th May. During this extraordinary evening, which is held in many cities in Europe, also in Poznań, we can visit museums and other places in a slightly different way.


main photo: Janusz Starczewski
tekst: Wojciech Mania

The article was also published in "Let's Fly" Poznań-Ławica Airport magazine.

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