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Big historical open-air event

More than 120 actors and extras, 30 horses, a location of a few hectares, a stage with 4 LED screens made up of 1044 modules and jointly 3000 spectators - this is the technical background of the biggest open-air event in Wielkopolska. It will take place on September 20th and 21st in Murowana Goślina. Buy your tickets now!

The 18th century political scene. Social life, intrigues, dangerous belles, playboys, uncouth types and a story with a very bloody ending which resonated throughout the entire country - this is, in short, the gist of the entertainment entitled “Miłość - Armaty - Konfederaty” (“Love - Cannons - Confederates”). It can be seen within the “Stare Probostwo” (“Old Parish”) area in Murowana Goślina in September. This is the first project developed entirely by “Dzieje” Association.
- Historical reenactments, done with Panache, are experiencing a true revival - Waldemar Krankiewcz, the president of “Dzieje”, says. - It is enough to look at how much interest is generated by the reenactment of the Grunwald battle, which year after year engages nearly 1500 people.  We decided to take it a step further, because the people enjoying the historical reenactments are not only the participants but mostly the spectators. This is a great and unique opportunity to remind people about the most important Polish historical events as well as an inspiring form of entertainment for the whole family. “Konfederaty” is the first in a cycle of events, through which we wish to demythologise historical events and figures - to show that history is not merely dates and great battlefields, but above all people with their virtues and shortcomings. The history of humankind is one of intrigues and these - as we very well know - have always fascinated audiences.
The plot of the show is based on a true story from the turn of 1768 and 1769 and reconstructs the intricate world of the Bar Confederacy, filled with intrigue and surprising plot twists.

The author of the script, Jacek Kowalski, summarizes the plot: The Polish confederate units as well as Muscovite troops circle around the city of Poznań. A whole variety of characters passes through baron Józef Mielżyński’s mansion - from the Russian major Iwan Drewicz, to his-nibs confederate marshal Malczewski and the amorous nipper, colonel Gogolewski, to the boor questor,  the confederate chaplain Jan. Next to them, there are both lovely maidens and mean, jealous matrons. The confrontation of the soldiers, the covert and overt collaborators as well as the ladies and maidens is inevitable.

Tickets (at 20PLN and 11PLN) are now available in tourist information centers in Plac Wolności and Stary Rynek in Poznań, online with Bilety24.pl and in Murowana Goślina in Ośrodek Kultury (cultural center). Discounts are available to children and students, citizens over 65 and the owners of Karta Rodzinna Duża (Big Family Card) from Aglomeracja Poznańska area.

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