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A weekend on the Royal-Imperial Route

There are a few events during the year that many might anticipate with excitement, the 9th edition of the Royal-Imperial Route weekend is surely one of those events.

On the 27 & 28th of September the young and the old, locals and tourist are all encouraged to participate in the festivities planned for these days. Amongst all  the workshops, games, presentations, lectures and in general activities and merry-making certainly everyone will have a chance to find the leisure pastime that suits them best.

Each year the organizers of the Royal-Imperial Route weekends have attempted to surprise their participants in one way or another, also this year expect to be amazed and impressed. The main location for the event will be the recently opened ICHOT museum situated on the cathedral island, an adorable part of town with impressive heritage.

Each day, participants can expect different types of attractions. One of the highlights on Saturday will be the Cloth Merchant's Shop, where one will have the chance to observe the earliest techniques of the trade and also participate in a lecture and workshops.
The highlights on Sunday include a market, where one will be able to taste specialties inspired by 1000 year old recipes and also a workshop followed by a concert of Adam Struga, that will close this year’s edition of the Royal-Imperial Route Weekend.

For a full program and detailed information about the 2 days feel free to visit any of the Tourist Information Points within the city.

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