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What to do in Poznań?

Every week we present three events happening in Poznan and its surroundings. Sometimes these are concerts of international stars, and sometimes local events that are an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the city.

Malta Festival Poznań


Venue: different locations in the city


Does Malta Festival, Poznań’s most famous festival event, need any further introduction? It actually does, as it is different each year, and has been for 25 years now. What began as the celebration of street theater, now lasts nearly a month and it is a difficult task to find an area of art it has not yet tackled. The intervention in the urban social space has also become an increasingly vital part of the festival’s mission and program.




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Night at the Palm House

23.06.2017, 20:00-02:00


Venue: Palmiarnia Poznańska, ul. Jana Matejki 18, Poznań



The Midsummer Night, with its traditional search for the legendary fern flower is approaching. We invite you to a night trip to the Palm House during which you will be able to see the night life of plants and animals. This will be a unique opportunity to see this place in a different way.





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Jarmark Świętojański



Venue: the Old Market Square, Poznań


Jarmark Świętojański is a traditonal market, taking place in the second half of June. At the Old Market Square you can find stalls with traditional and local specialities. It's also a cultural event, with concerts and spectacles. 


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More events in Poznań

"Afisz" is a monthly choice of cultural event. Usualy it includes few hundreds offers. Available in English as convenient pdf file. Download current edition.





Our newsletter includes three most interesting events for each week, described in Polish and English. It is distributed in selected hotels. You can freely download it as jpg files in 16:9 proportions, easy to use with screens and displays. Download vertical or horizontal version.




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