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What to do in March in Poznań?

Do you plan to visit Poznań in March? Highlight of the month will definitely be the Short Waves Festival 2017. Check out what events are waiting for you in Poznań. 

Kaziuk Wileński 2018

04.03.2018, 10:00-16:00

Venue: Stary Rynek (The Old Market Square), Fara Poznańska (Parish Church)


Kaziuki is a ceremony in honor of St. Casimir's, patron of Poland and Lithuania. This year it will be held in Poznan for the 25th time. 

At the Old Market Square you will find Kaziukowy Kiermasz (fair) with lots of Lithuanian treats: black bread from Vilnius, palm trees, bagels, pancakes, zeppelins and folklore handicraft.





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 arena DESIGN 2018



Venue: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie


arena DESIGN is an international event dedicated to  contemporary design, industrial design and architecture. The world of design and business creates inspiring exhibitions, lectures by distinguished guests, presentations, discussions, as well as the prestigious TOP DESIGN award competition for excellent design products.




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Short Waves Festival 2018



Venue: different locations around the city


Short Waves Festival is a network of film events scattered around the urban space of Poznań.The main theme of this year’s festival is „beyond borders” , related to both the process of blurring of the boundaries dividing various artistic fields and recipients along with active culture users, and conventionality of geographical borders as well as occurrences such as the migrant crisis, globalization of the world economy and new social phenomena present solely in virtual reality.



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Exhibition "Beksiński unknown"



Venue: Stary Browar, Galeria na Dziedzińcu Sztuki



A collection of over a hundred works by Zdzisław Beksiński - photography, photo montages and computer graphics will be available during the artist's exhibition from March 23 to April 30. The exhibition will be held in the Gallery at the Courtyard of Art in the Old Brewery in Poznań. The event will be accompanied by, among others multimedia lectures, presentations of documentary films about the artist and VR (virtual reality) shows.


Tickets: PLN 10, PLN 15, PLN 19.99


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Za drzwiami karczmy... - szemrane rozrywki w XIV-XVII wieku

15.11.2017 - 31.03.2018


Venue: Rezerwat Archeologiczny "Genius loci", Ostrów Tumski, ul. ks. I. Posadzego 3, Poznań



The new temporary exhibition at "Genius loci" Archeological Reserve offers you a trip to the past of celebration. After purchasing the ticket, the visitors will be happy to discover the medieval tradition of feasting. The new temporary exhibition will allow you to get to know the history of Old Polish hedonistic habits.


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More events in Poznań

"Afisz" is a monthly choice of cultural event. Usualy it includes few hundreds offers. Available in English as convenient pdf file. Download current edition.





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