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Made in Chicago - jazz autumn in Poznań

On 17th-23rd November Poznan will host 9th edition of the Made in Chicago festival. The programme includes many exceptional jazz events: a special concert with Lee Konitz, the legendary musician from Miles Davis' band; Orbert Davis' concert accompanied by Polish musicians - "you can expect the unexpected", as well as lots of good jazz, but also latin jazz rhythms, and jazz with elements of hip-hop and rap.

The festival will begin with a special concert, "Tribute To The Birth Of The Cool 65 years later", featuring the legendary musician Lee Konitz, a member of Miles Davis' famous jazz orchestra. This is an absolutely unprecedented event in the history of jazz. In 1949 the orchestra made the recordings which contributed to the emergence of a new era in music called cool jazz. Almost all members of Davis’ band have passed away but the last artist who is still active in music and who has gained the status of a saxophone legend over the years, Lee Konitz, will play for us.

The visit of Chicago musicians is an excellent opportunity to participate in music workshops, learn about some technical concepts of music, hear about non-musical events such as the Great Migration and racial conflicts in the United States in the early twentieth century and  find out which techniques had an impact on the music. 

We look forward to the performance of Greg Ward, one of the leading saxophone virtuosos of his generation, a musician of exceptional versatility, who practices a wide range of styles, from modern jazz to funk, latin, classical, Indian, Klezmer and African music.

Proyecto Libre will enchant us with jazz-inspired free improvisation from Africa and musical rhythms derived from the traditions of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands.


Made in Chicago, Poznań 2014


During the festival, three outstanding musicians: Larry Gray, Ed Wilkerson and Aveearyl Ra will perform in a TRIO formed specially for the occasion. 

The festival will end with a concert: “Orbert Davis Poznan Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Group”. This is going to be a unique project referring to the 2009 concert, when the trumpeter, composer and educator Orbert Davis brought to Poznan the jazz backbone of his 55-person orchestra of the so called Third Stream, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. A week-long project with the students of the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan  culminated in their performance in Aula Nova. Five years later, after some personnel changes, the group will perform again during the festival, so you can expect the unexpected.


Photo Lauren Deutsch

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020