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February in Poznań

February in Poznan will be a month of interesting events. The first weekend of February will gather travellers during the "Na Szagę" Festival. Tourism and travel industry fair Tour Salon (9th - 11th February), which is a great opportunity to get acquainted with offers from Poland and abroad. What else will happen in February in Poznan?

 Festiwal Podróżniczy "Na Szagę"


Venue: Aula AWF, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 27/39


"Na szagę" Festival is an opportuniy to meet travelling people and all those who are close to the natural beauty, experiencing foreign cultures and adventures. The main aim of the festival is to promote the idea of sharing your experiences with trips and travel to the most beautiful and the most interesting places. 





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Tour Salon


Venue: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie


TOUR SALON (17-19.02.2017) is one of the biggest trade fair of regions and tourist products in Poland, taking place every year in Poznan. TOUR SALON has been a venue for business meetings, a source of new offers and a platform for communication and exchange of experience for professionals. Individual visitorts are inspired and encourage by TOUR SALON to search for interesting travel destinations that help them discover new places for vacation and relaxation.


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Narodowy Balet Gruzji Sukhishvili 

 16.02.2018, 19.00

Venue: Sala Ziemi, MTP, ul. Głogowska 14



Unique dance show - 100 dancers and orchestra on stage. Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili" consists of 500 dancers and its own orchestra. Throughout its history, the band embarked on a tour of more than 300 times, 11 times toured five continents, 90 countries, gave 13 000 concerts, with a total amount of more than 7.5 million viewers.

Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili" was founded 70 years ago and is based on traditional Georgian dances. The performance of the Sukhishvili is spectacular and very dynamic show for the whole family. There is no time for boredom. There are elements of martial arts, acrobatics. In addition, the dancers have beautiful and  colorful costumes.


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Za drzwiami karczmy... - szemrane rozrywki w XIV-XVII wieku

15.11.2017 - 31.03.2018

Venue: Rezerwat Archeologiczny "Genius loci", Ostrów Tumski, ul. ks. I. Posadzego 3, Poznań



The new temporary exhibition at "Genius loci" Archeological Reserve offers you a trip to the past of celebration. After purchasing the ticket, the visitors will be happy to discover the medieval tradition of feasting. The new temporary exhibition will allow you to get to know the history of Old Polish hedonistic habits.


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Exhibition of African art at Poznan Palm House


Venue: Palmiarnia Poznańska, ul. Matejki 18


The Poznań Palm House invites you to the exhibition of African art. The exhibition is available at the Palm House  from January 27 to February 25, 2018.


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More events in Poznań

"Afisz" is a monthly choice of cultural event. Usualy it includes few hundreds offers. Available in English as convenient pdf file. Download current edition.






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