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Korona Smakosza 2013 - Restaurant Gourmand Competition

Between 19th and 20th of October, you are cordially invited to take part in the “Korona Smakosza” (the Gourmand’s Crown) event. Over the course of two days, restaurant patrons will have the unique opportunity to grade and assess the establishments they visit. With their bill, they will receive a questionnaire, which also serves as the contest voucher. To cast your vote, you will have to grade the restaurant by marking specific fields in the questionnaire, complete the competition phrase and, having done that, put the completed questionnaire, along with a copy of your bill, into a specially designed ballot box which has been delivered by MAKRO Cash&Carry, the co-organizer and sponsor of the prizes. There will be great prizes to win for the participants of the poll.

The restaurants with the highest scores will receive the “Korona Smakosza” awards. The formal award ceremony will take place on the 11th of November (Polish Independence Day), during the celebration of the namesday of one of Poznań’s historical streets - Św. Marcin (St. Martin’s). Apart from the “Korona Smakosza” statuette, each of the winner restaurants will receive a gift certificate in the value of 1,000PLN, to be cashed in at MAKRO Cash&Carry.






By giving their grades, the restaurant patrons will help their favorites in the running towards winning the “Korona Smakosza” - an award received by the largest number of positive consumer scores. The award will be given in nine categories:


● taste of the food

● decor of the establishment

● quality of service

● atmosphere

● a great venue for an evening out with friends

● a family friendly venue

● a romantic venue

● a lunch venue

● price to quality ratio


The Poll Winner in a given category will be a restaurant which receives the highest number of highest scores. A given establishment may win only in one of the nine categories.




1. Fill out the questionnaire, write your recommendation and put in your information details

2. Attach a copy of the bill or receipt

3. Put the questionnaire with the bill into a designated ballot box




The part of the competition aimed at restaurant patrons requires filling out a questionnaire and completing the competition phrase in the most original and catchy way. The phrase in question is: “I will gladly recommend this establishment because…”. The answers are to be given on the designated voucher which will be received with your bill at the given restaurant. Once it has been filled out, the voucher and a copy of the bill should be put into a special ballot box.


The condition of participation in the competition is giving the Participant’s details - their name, last name, contact number and email address.




All of the competition participants are eligible for great prizes. The jackpot includes an LCD TV, a tablet and a camera. The detailed description of how the prizes are awarded can be found in the event’s regulations.




Establishments interested in taking part in the project are invited to fill in the application form and send its scanned copies to: anna.kaszubowska@makro.pl


Filled application forms must be sent in before October 17th 2013 by 12:00. The acceptance of the application will be confirmed by a return e-mail message.


Contact the event organizers under:

Anna Kaszubowska (Makro)

e-mail: anna.kaszubowska@makro.pl



Jakub Pindych (Poznańska Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna)

e-mail: j.pindych@plot.poznan.pl

tel.: +48 507 60 60 40



The statuettes, gift certificates and prizes are funded by MAKRO Cash&Carry


Visit and vote for your favorite venues! Bon apetit!




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