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Ethno Port Festival 2018

The 11th edition of the festival will be held from 7th to 10th June 2018 at Zamek Culture CentreOnce a year Poznań becomes a harbour town, with artists coming into the port of ZAMEK Culture Centre. They bring us world music, an incredibly diverse range of musical styles with a palpable ethnic component.

Ethno Port Poznań 7-10.06.2018


During the successive editions of the ETHNO PORT Festival, we seek to explore two interconnected processes taking place in the world today: the potential of global exchange and the need to find or assert one’s identity. Their manifestations can be seen and experience in the different approaches to musical tradition. Having access to unlimited streams of inspiration, contemporary artists combine remote genres and styles, and their creative endeavours on the juncture of cultures yields incredibly compelling results. It is also true that multiplicity of inspirations may engender doubt and a sense of being lost. This is where turning to specific, thoroughly familiar and meticulously reconstructed tradition may prove helpful, as it ensures the experience of belonging to a community.


As usual, we set much store by the enthusiasm and involvement of the Ethno Port audience.  When developing our programme, we are fully aware that we cannot fail their trust and must meet their high expectations. However, we are greatly fortunate to have so many brilliant performers out there that our audiences never lack the encounter and experience of new artists who draw upon traditional sounds and rhythms. This year, the three festival stages will provide venue for artists from various regions of Africa, Asia, and several European countries.  Naturally, representatives of the Polish ethnic music scene will be there as well.



Learn more at www.ethnoport.pl and on Facebook

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