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June in Poznan

In June Poznan will turn into a festival city. You can enjoy festivals such as Ethno Port, Enter Enea Festival and Malta Festival. Think about visiting Poznan in June if you like cities where a lot is going on!

Children's Day with Škoda

4.06.2017, 10:00-18:00

Venue: Skoda Auto Lab, ul. Głogowska, Poznań


ŠKODA Auto Lab and ŠKODA Autodrom Poznań invite you for a great celebration of Children's Day. If you want to spent your time with family in a active way you should visit Škoda Auto Lab on 4th June 2017 r., from 10:00 to 18:00. The organizers prepared activities for everyone!


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Ethno Port Poznań 2017


Venue: Centrum Kultury ZAMEK, ul. św. Marcin 80/82


The ten years of ETHNO PORT Poznań Festival are a cause for celebration, but also an opportunity to look back on its history, consider its achievements and appraise the position it has gained. The Festival is undeniably one of the leading world music events in the country, also known to and appreciated by international journalists, musicians and promoters. 

Apart from 15 concerts taking place over the four days of the festival, there will also be music workshops, a dance party, educational activities for children and young people, as well as meetings combined with film screenings, during which we will try to understand the major challenges of our times.  For several years now, one of our chief themes is reflection on the biased narratives concerning migrants and refugees which, albeit based on unfounded fears, predominate in our country.


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7. Enter Enea Festival


Venue: Jezioro Strzeszyńskie, Poznań


This festival is a two-day long celebration of jazz and its different varieties, taking place on the shores of Lake Strzeszyńskie. The famous jazz musician Leszek Możdżer, the festival’s long-time artistic director, is responsible for this years lineup.





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Malta Festival Poznań


Venue: different locations in the city


Does Malta Festival, Poznań’s most famous festival event, need any further introduction? It actually does, as it is different each year, and has been for 25 years now. What began as the celebration of street theater, now lasts nearly a month and it is a difficult task to find an area of art it has not yet tackled. The intervention in the urban social space has also become an increasingly vital part of the festival’s mission and program.




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More events in Poznań

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