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Whole Poznań Ukulele

The 4th edition of the festival will last for 3 months! Check out what to expect.


In 2016 the international festival Cały Poznań Ukulele (eng. All Poznan Ukulele) has been organised for the first time as a three-day event. The strenght of the little instrument turned out to be huge and after three good seasons it's back in the game. We all know how it is difficult to make such an event happen now so you need to expect some changes compared to the previews editions. 


But first some details:


Dates: 05.06. - 19.09.2020
Location: Facebook and Poznań
www.facebook.com/CalyPoznanUkulele (All posts on their fanpage are in Polish AND English)




The organisers made a bold decision to plan a three-month event. At first the festival transfers to tthe Internet, to their Facebook page. There, there is to be set in motion the CPU TV which will be presenting the interesting facts from the world of ukulele, interviews with the artists, workshops, concerts and shared playing. First broadcast on Friday, June 5th.


We already know that among the invited artists we'll hear: Jody Kamisato from Hawaii, Marc Ó Gallachóir from Great Britain, Honoka, Opera-lele, Przemysław Sledziuha Śledź of Ukupolalele, Daniele Dencs, Gniewomir Maiski Skrzysiński of Przyjazne-Ukulele.pl, Charlotte Pelgen, Ukuleleboboys, Ori Tahiti with Hinatea and PPNOU (Pierwsza Poznańska Niesymfoniczna Orkiestra Ukulele).


Eveyrthing around us changes along with the situation. Nothing weird then, that the organisers do not declare anything yet but it seems like eventually the festival will get back to the streets. We're hoping it's going to be sooner than later and again Poznań will fill with sound of the strings.


All activities during the festival are free.



This is what it looked like previously:








Text: Norbert Zieliński

Photos: www.facebook.com/CalyPoznanUkulele

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020