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Poznań Food Days - Good Taste Festival

From 15th to 19th of August Poznan will become a true magnet for foodies from all over Poland and for many taste-driven tourists visiting the city. Poznan Food Days, also known as Good Taste Festival are a celebration of food culture in its wide spectrum.

Mored details and complete programme: www.ofds.pl/en


Open air market on Poznan’s historical Old Market Square hosts over a hundred vendors offering local and traditional foods from all the regions of Poland. Artisan cheeses, traditional breads and cakes, beers from micro-breweries, wines from Polish vineyards, cured meats in an overwhelming variety, honeys and meads, pickles and preserves – all can be found, tasted and bought here. Leisurely stroll among market stalls makes for a culinary journey into Poland’s reach culinary tradition.


12. Ogólnopolski Festiwal Dobrego Smaku 15-19.08.2018


Visitors searching for more international fare will not be disappointed either. Fancy a sausage or stuffed pepper from Hungary, Moroccan olives, Turkish baclava or some unusual sweets from Azerbaijan? You will find them here! And  much more.

Street artists performances and jazz concerts by the Old Market Square fountains add to the atmosphere of Poznan Food Days.


12. Ogólnopolski Festiwal Dobrego Smaku 15-19.08.2018


Every year there are several tasting events, cooking workshops, restaurant events,  lectures, movie screening and more -  all related to food and culinary culture. While some events cater to Polish speaking audience, others can be equally enjoyable for foreign-speaking visitors.


Mored details and complete programme: www.ofds.pl/en

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