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Spring in Poznań

Check out what events and attractions await for you this Spring in Poznań!


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PRM - Poznań City Bike  ||  from 1.03.2019


fot. Daria Olzacka


The end of winter encourages to hop on the bike. While being in Poznań, at least for a moment, you can do that easily!


Poznań City Bike (PRM) is a simple, cheap and definitely accessible way of renting a bike. On almost every corner you can find PRM station. Its density can be checked HERE.


If you do not have an account on poznanskirower.pl, the only thing you need to do is to find any station. Each of them contains terminal, on wihich you register by giving the phone number, e-mail and discharging initiatory quote of 20 zł. Just follow the instructions on screen.
Have your Visa or Master Card on you! No cash is possible in the automat.

After all this you get a PIN code, which must be kept! It will be needed every time when renting a bike.

Giving a bike back is even simplier. You pin on the vehicle on any station and specific sound lets you know it’s done.

You can also register online, HERE.






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Start of a season at the Warta River  ||  from 19.04.2019


źródło: www.wikipedia.org


Drinking out in public is strictly foribidden in our country and defiance can effect in a fine of 500 zł (around 117 euro). However, there is a place by the Bridge of St. Roch, where you are free to have your alcohol drink in a hand and watch the Warta river slowly passing by. It is a special zone just for this activity.
Beyond, the zone adjoins KontenerART club and a city beach, and toilets are provided, so the place could be perfect for a little picnic in the middle of the city.


Just like last year, official opening is planned. It will start at 5 pm, on April 19th.


We do not encourage heavy drinking. Please, keep caution and leave the place clean – there are always containers provided.


Date: April 19th, 2019

Time: 5 pm

Location: Most Św. Rocha, Poznań



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Maltanka  ||  26.04. - 29.09.2019


fot. Jakub Pindych


Spring is also a time, when Maltanka Mini Railway starts its daily rides. Park trolley operates (with some breaks) since 1925. It is one of only three vehicles of this kind in Poland.
Going by the north shore of Malta Lake, takes straight to the New Zoo. Suitable for the whole family as well as for individuals.
Attention! Tickets for city trams and buses ARE NOT valid for this attraction. Tickets to buy in a box office at the „Maltanka” stop, which is the first station, located by the Rondo Śródka.


Prices: 6 zł (adults), 4 zł (concession)


source: http://www.mpk.poznan.pl


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KontenerArt –  new season  ||  30.04. - 5.05.



KontenerART starts the new season. Big opening begins on April 30th and lasts for 6 days! Every night concerts and big dose of music, fun, relax and good food.
KontenerART is a place o culture, where Poznań people and visitors meet. Art mixes with fun and education. Along wiht the city beach makes a middle of a town great vacation spot.


More informations soon, and in the meantime:





Gang Śródmieście

Ifriqiyya Electrique 05/05 KontenerART, Poznań PL


Dżony Dep, CT DJs, Miko'Why, Robert Błaszczyk, 
Sourge & Venzio, Vrota, Tojk, ...




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May Picnic at Porta Posnania  ||  1.05 - 3.05.2019


fot. Jakub Pindych


For its 5th birthday Porta Poznania (Interactive Center of History of the Cathedral Island) invites everyone for the picnic at the beautiful scenery of the Cathedral Island and Śródka district. More about progam soon on their website.


Dates: 1 - 3.05.2019

Laction: Porta Posnania, ul. Gdańska 2, Poznań


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Poznań Half Price  ||  3. - 5. 05. 2019



A special offer for the long weekend, when museums, restaurants, hotels and other wonderful attractions cut their prices in half!

It is already 12th edition known in the whole Poland festival, which was actually started by Poznań itself. Come then to a event’s mother-city and see how it is really done!

Offer will include special menus and price lists, and many other additional propositions – all of that will be available on the event’s website: poznanzapolceny.pl. Keep updated!


Dates: 3. - 5. 05. 2019






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Holi Festival || 18.05



The most colorful festival in Poznanń! On May 18th, in Park Jana Kasprowicza in Poznań unusual festival will take place. During it you can color yourslef and everything around with holi powder. There are countless of colors provided by organizors. At the event you will find, beyond colors, Dj, catapult for holi powders, candy floss and freaky people.
Admission to the event is free,


Date: May 18th, 2019

Location: Park Jana Kasprowicza, Poznańska

Time: 3.00 pm – 9.00 pm




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Night of the Museums  ||  18.05.2019



Here comes the only chance during the year to visit Poznań’s museums in the middle of the night!
From late evening until almost dawn, you can enter museums for which you couldn’t find a time earlier.
Schedule, beyond free entrances, offers events, meetings and additional attractions. Unfortunetaly, due to limited space and increasing interest, for the most of them you need to sign up.


Details, program and more availbale HERE soon.


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Poznań Design Festiwal  ||  May 10th to 19th, 2019



Motto of this year’s edition is ATMOSPHERE, which is continuation of two previous ones: RIVER-BOUND and BIODIVERSITY and is part of the POZNAŃ, THE CITY OF THE ELEMENTS.

The events will take place (with few exceptions) in Center of Trade, Business and Art - Old Brewery by the Półwiejska Street from May 10th to 19th.






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Parade of Steam Locomotives in Wolsztyn  ||  04. 05. 2019


fot. T. Opaska


Parade of the Steam Locomotives is one of the most important holidays of sort in Poland and Europe. Each year it attracts thousands of tourists and fans, which successively makes Wolsztyn a steam capitol of the world. Main point of a festival happens between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm.


During the event you will see fully operating locomotives from Poland and abroad, daintily riding on tracks.

It is also an opportunity to get a hint of daily job of the Roundhouse and to peak places usually not open to the public.

Traditionally, on the evening before parade (May 3rd, Saturday), show of „light, steam and sound” enhanced with epic music will take place and it is planned for around 10:00 pm.


Participation in the parade is free.


Date: May 4th, 2019

Time: 1:30 pm

Location: ul. Fabryczna 1, Wolsztyn


How to get there?

There are regular trains of Koleje Wielkopolskie (Wielkopolska Trains) going every day from Poznań Main Station to Wolsztyn and back. Normal one-way ticket costs 17,10 PLN.

If choosing a car, head to the South West, direction Zielona Góra, following country Routes no 5 and 32.





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