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“Step out of Poznań” Lusowo invites to “swing a leg” during blues and folklore concerts

We are extremely excited to announce that the time is ripe for the launch of our new project which will aim to promote Poznań’s suburbs and towns close by. The areas surrounding Poznań have lots to offer for both tourist and the citizens of Poznań. 

The project will start out in Lusowo, located just 15km away from Poznań,  where on the 23-24th of August fans of blues and folk music will be thrilled while attending the late summer concerts.

The areas surrounding Poznań are yet to be discovered – says Jan Mazurczak – head of  The Poznań Local Tourism Organization – that’s why we have decided to bring a project, that will continue throughout the whole year to life. “Przekrocz granice Poznania – “Step out of Poznań”  will provide tourists and locals with hints on how to spend time outside of the city. All information and details can be found on the page www.weeeknd.poznan.travel.

 Here you will also find information on where to grab a bite to eat or how to reach the town and/or area.  

The Poznań Metropolis and Poznań country have given their official patronage to the project. 

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