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Poznań’s attractions reopen!

The attractions of Poznań and the surrounding areas had been closed down in mid-March, when the state of epidemic emergency was introduced. Fortunately, some of the facilities and tourist attractions have been reopened, although due to the prevailing situation, some restrictions will apply during the tours. The remaining venues are planning to reopen soon.
Updated: 28 May 2020

To provide you with an easy overview of the places which have reopened and which have not, we have created for you a list of available attractions, which we will update on a regular basis:


Museums and exhibitions




National Museum in Poznań and its branches (Museum of Applied Arts, Museum of Musical Instruments, Wielkopolska Military Museum, Ethnographic Museum)

  • www.mnp.art.pl
  • changed opening hours: National Museum Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-18:00, branches unchanged
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance



Archaeological Museum

  • www.muzarp.poznan.pl/en
  • only 1 person is allowed to be near the cash desk
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance
  • interactive part of the exhibition is not available
  • audioguides are not available



Archidiocesan Museum







Poznań Potato Museum








Chocolate Museum




Museum of Historical Costiume

  • www.xixgallery.com
  • admission to the museum will be possible only for 4 people at a time
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance until further notice
  • the tickets will only be available for online sales at bilety24.pl.
  • changed opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-16:00
  • entry will be possible every 30 minutes from 11 a.m. to closing time


Museum of Arms - outdoor part
Museum of Wielkopolska Martyrs – Fort VII

  • www.wmn.poznan.pl
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance
  • until further notice, the indoor exhibitions will not be open to the public.
  • due to the incomplete exposition, entrance tickets at a special price - 5 PLN normal and 3 PLN discounted - will apply
  • the maximum number of people at the permanent exhibition is decided by the Museum branch manager or an authorised employee
  • suspended until further notice: guided tours, group tours, educational activities
  • lockers and toilets will be out of use


Genius loci Archaeological Reserve

  • www.rezerwat.muzarp.poznan.pl
  • opening of the OPEN AIR RESERVE, where temporary exhibitions are presented
  • open air exhibitions can be viewed free of charge during the reserve's openning hours





Cathedral Lock

  • www.bramapoznania.pl
  • temporary exhibition "In God’s and people’s books. The world of Jan Lubrański"
  • limited number of visitors - 30 people
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance until further notice



Arsenał City Gallery







Raczyński Library

  • www.bracz.edu.pl
  • visitors are required to wear protective masks, disinfect hands and keep a safe distance until further notice
  • there is a limited amount of people - one person at the service desk and possible queue at a distance of 2 meters 
  • lockers, toilets and elevators in the main building will be out of use
  • the reading rooms and reading corners in the branches are closed


Poznań surrounding areas


Art Gallery in Mosina




Martyrs Museum in Żabikowo

  • www.zabikowo.eu
  • maximum 5 visitors
  • suspended: group and guided tours, educational activities
  • unavailable: cloakroom, multimedia equipment, exhibits and touch devices




National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa

  • www.muzeum-szreniawa.pl
  • available: park, manor farm yard, open-air exhibitions
  • not available: palace, distillery, granary, cowshed, the lookout tower (Mausoleum of Bierbaums)
  • suspended: guide services, museum lessons, outdoor events



The Palace and Museum in Rogalin

  • www.rogalin.mnp.art.pl
  • wings of the palace excluded from the tour
  • suspended group, guided tours and educational activities
  • multimedia equipment and audio guides not available
  • cloakroom closed, toilet - portable only


Museum of Greater Poland Uprising in Lusowo

  • www.muzeumlusowo.pl
  • suspended: group tours
  • maximum 10 visitors
  • changed opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9:00-13:00




Natural-Hunting Museum in Uzarzewo






Museum in Śrem





Museum - Castle Szamotuły

  • www.zamek.org.pl
  • available: castle building
  • not available: West Office with ethnographic exhibition, Tower and Granary buildings




Bee-keeping Open Air Museum in Swarzędz






Open Air Piastowski Trail Miniature Museum in Pobiedziska

  • www.miniatury.pobiedziska.pl
  • temporarily suspended: educational activities and guided tours
  • not available: educational game, sandpit, observation tower, wooden house for children, toilet in administration building (toilet in separate building available)




Swarzędz History and Art Centre

  • www.muzeum-swarzedz.pl
  • temporarily suspended: group and guided tours, educational activities
  • unavailable: multimedia equipment, exhibits and touch devices




Castle in Kórnik

  • www.bkpan.poznan.pl/muzeumzamek
  • the museum halls can accommodate a maximum of 5 people
  • temporarily suspended: guided tours, group and educational activities
  • audio guides not available
  • unavailable: lockers




Amusement and recreation











Botanical Garden

  • www.obuam.robia.pl
  • changed opening hours: Monday-Friday 15:00-20:00, weekends 9:00-20:00
  • on weekdays the garden is closed in the morning for safety reasons (employees work in the garden)
  • guests are required to wear protective masks and to keep a safe distance


Poznań City Bike

  • www.poznanskirower.pl
  • users are asked to wear protective gloves and disinfect hands
  • the bikes will be disinfected during each service visit at the station (each bike will be disinfected on average twice a day)








Poznań surroundings areas


Kórnik Arboretum





Zielonka Arboretum








  • www.delipark.pl
  • available: walking space (including prehistoric animals, magnified insects, world of thumbnails, sky EKO - village)
  • not available: other elements of the park (including playgrounds)
  • duration of stay: maximum 2 hours
  • payment: online or non-cash only
  • special walking ticket for PLN 15




E1 Gokart - gokart track






Kuwaka Wake Pobiedziska Wakeboarding





Mosina Trolleys

  • www.naszedrezyny.pl
  • every trolley is available only to one family and its guests (without any other people)
  • trolleys ride on Saturdays and Sundays (departure time from Mosina: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00)
  • from Monday to Friday trolleys ride on request






Traper Settlement Bolechówko







Wake Park Kórnik






WakePlace Śrem






WakeSpot Owińska

  • www.wakespot.pl
  • not available: bar and lodge
  • reservations and payments: online only







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