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Escape rooms in Poznan

Escape rooms have gained popularity in the recent years. The rules of the game state require groups of 2-5 people to escape a closed room in a given, limited period of time. There is no need for brutal force, or breaking the door down - all it takes is an active imagination, heightened senses and the ability to work as a team.

In Poznań, as many as 40 escape rooms are now​ available. Some of them offers exciting games also in English! They are meant to intrigue, entertain and scare. Each particular room is a different form of game play. The screenwriters have put a lot of effort into designing the rooms in order to make the game interesting, original and challenging all the way till the very end. 

Zamknięci w pokoju (Closed in the room)
CLOSED IN THE ROOM is the type of the Escape Room game. In this kind of entertainement participants are getting closed in topical rooms and they have got 60 minutes to exit them. Only by working as a team you will be able to solve tasks and riddles, which help you to find a key to exit. Not everyone is able to go out, but this is the reason why victory taste even better… Each city, where you can find us has completely different rooms, carrying a different story. Book the time of the reservation which fits you most and… accept the challenge!



Address: Grunwaldzka 43/11

Phone: +48 730 740 503

E-mail: kontakt@zamknieciwpokoju.pl





Fear Escape

Fear Escape, created in line with the escape the room format, is a brand new form of entertainment that transposes adventure computer games to the real world. It is designed for a group of 2-4 players who cooperate with each other in order to escape from the room in which they have been locked. To fulfil this task, they need to show cunning, the ability to think logically, and to develop connections between the facts and objects discovered during the game. 



Address: ul. Mielżyńskiego 19/5

Phone: +48 533 586 581

E-mail: kontakt@fearescape.pl


Tkalnia Zagadek

 Tkalnia Zagadek is a new, interesting and special way of spending free time. You have 45 minutes to solve a set of riddles and puzzles placed in a special escape room. You have one goal: Get out in time!


While taking part in our game, you’ll get to know the story of not so typical family… Despite the fact that rooms in Tkalnia Zagadek seem to be rather normal, they contain carefully planned scenarios full of mysterious hints and objects that enable finding the final solution! Gather your friends, family or coworkers and take the challenge!


Address: ul. Garbary 106/108

Phone: +48 667 202 514

E-mail: poznan@tkalniazagadek.pl




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