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Escape rooms in Poznan

Escape rooms have gained popularity in the recent years. The rules of the game state require groups of 2-5 people to escape a closed room in a given, limited period of time. There is no need for brutal force, or breaking the door down - all it takes is an active imagination, heightened senses and the ability to work as a team.

In Poznań, as many as 40 escape rooms are now​ available. Some of them offers exciting games also in English! They are meant to intrigue, entertain and scare. Each particular room is a different form of game play. The screenwriters have put a lot of effort into designing the rooms in order to make the game interesting, original and challenging all the way till the very end. 


Below you can find some propositions for an escape room adventure.

Galaktyka Tajemnic (Galaxy of Secrets)
Escape room Galaktyka Tajemnic

Are You ready for adventurous space journey, full of challenges and fun? Will You find the courage to complete the task and save entire galactic?

We have managed to intercept Imperium intels which informed Us about final attack on resistance forces. Unfortunately We don’t know how they are planning to invade the planet. You are Our last hope to save the rebel! Your task won’t be easy though, You will have to escape from the cruiser, find the way to Jabba palace and always watch for many traps among your way.
Hurry up, use your wisdom and capableness, deliver the specific intels to our agent! There is only 75 minutes left! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!


Website in English

Escape Arena

Address: ul. Krauthofera 55

Tel.: +48 502 573 600

E-mail: biuro@escapearena.pl


Also in this location: Jaskinia Hazardu (Gambling Cave) and Wikingowie - Amulety Mocy (The Vikings - Power Amulets)

Zaginiony Oficer (The Lost Officer)

Escape room Zaginiony Oficer

1942 - German bunker somewhere on the front line. It is here, in addition to the sounds of war turmoil, the roar of gunfire and firing from machine guns, horrible songs can be heard at night. Although the power outages are here on the agenda, strange, ethereal figures traverse the corridors and sinister whispers heard behind their backs, when nobody else is in the vicinity bring a depressive atmosphere here.

Everything goes quiet when suddenly one of the officers disappears. Can you explain the mystery of unprecedented phenomena? Will you find out what happened to the officer?

Website in English

The Bunkier Escape Rooms

Address: ul. Kościuszki 68 (down the street, left side)

Tel.: +48 730 088 291,  +48 574 488 222,  +48 600 759 985

E-mail: kontakt@thebunkier.pl

Also in this location: Sheol: The Ultimate Shelter and Project: Carnation.
Key to Be Free - Mayan Treasures

 Escape room Skarby MajówLook for the gold of great Mayan civilization. In the ruins hinned deep in the jungle you can feel yourself lika Indiana Jones fingding an antic treasure but remember that there can be wild animals and traps.



Website in English

Key to Be Free
Address: Ratajczaka 26/2
Tel.: +48 786 924 468, +48 786 924 469
E-mail: rezerwacje@keytobefree.pl

Also in this location: Walkiria, Da Vinci, Excalibur, Olympus, The Underwater World (Podwodny Świat), Room of Tortures, Landing on the Moon


For a ful filst of escape rooms available in English look here 

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