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Enjoy Poznań! Explore its attractions and entertainment!

We are just introducing a new edition of the Card and updating the list of partners. A full and up-to-date list will be available soon.



Football pitch - Youth Sports Centre - 50% discount on renting the football pitch until 3.30pm

On the grounds of the centre there is a full-sized football pitch with an artificial grass (105m x 68m), surrounded by a tartan running track for athletics. Comprehensive lighting of the pitch and the track makes it available for use until as late as 10pm. Four locker-rooms with sanitary facilities are at the players disposal. There is also a long jump track here, as well as two tennis courts. The facility can be rented hourly by locals who wish to practice their favourite sport with their friends and family. The Youth Sports Centre also organizes many sports activities and events for children and young adults.


ul. Gdańska 1



Bula Park Boule i Bowling - 50% discount

Have fun in the Bula Park, a unique place in Poznań, where games enthusiasts can take advantage of the outdoor bowling or play Pétanque – a French game little known in Poland. There are 6 fully automated bowling tracks and 5 professional Pétanque – fields waiting for you. Bula Park is also a perfect place for organising integration events, company parties and other events.


ul. Wiankowa 3

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Cascader Park Rope Course - 10% discount on ropes courses and zip-lines

Cascader Park Rope Course is the largest rope course in Wielkopolska, located in the small town of Kobylnica near Poznań. Visitors can enjoy:
• 4 rope courses:
– MAKALU for kids from age 6
– MANASLU intermediate course for the whole family, at the height of 2-4 metres
– LHOTSE high course (around 8 metres) for teenagers and adults
– EVEREST course for truly fearless adrenaline addicts – 12 metres high
• 2 zip-lines:
– TYROLKA 300 - a 300 metre zip-line for everyone
– TYROLKA Cascader - a zip-line for daredevils, high in the tree tops at 12 metres
• a picnic area of half a hectare - ideal for a picnic, a party, a company event or a birthday.


Kobylnica, ul. Poznańska 44

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DELI Park - 10% discount on the family ticket

DELI Park is an educational-leisure facility. There is a miniature park with the world’s most famous buildings in miniature, gigantic insect and prehistoric dinosaur models and a petting zoo. The first open-air ECO-Village has also been opened here - it is a series of 10 suspension bridges attached to 11 trees, with terraces and cabins. Visitors have the opportunity to safely wander between the tree tops, learn about the particular parts of the forest from the sheathing to the treetops and experience a virtual trip to the inside of the tree, as well as admire the landscape of the Wielkopolski National Park. In the Park area there are also playgrounds for the little ones as well as a DELI Cafe & Bar, offering homemade produce, and DELI Market with regional products and souvenirs, games and toys. In case of bad weather, the opening hours of the Park might be changed.


ul. Poznańska 1, Stęszew



GALOS® Saline-Iodine Cave - 20% discount

A fabulous interior, romantic sounds of nature and cozy armchairs are all on offer at a unique site offering a place to rest, breathe sea air and absorb microelements that are invaluable to one’s health. This first tourist attraction of its kind, the GALOS® saline-iodine cave will help you relax your mind, restore body strength and enhance the treatment effects for many diseases. The facility caters to families, busy business people, and anyone looking to relax, wind down and find an interesting place during a stay in Poznań.


ul. Chwiałkowskiego 34  swimming pool building

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Harmonia Spa - IBB Andersia Hotel - 20% discount

Deep relaxation in the middle of the city centre... The highest quality of the services offered, best quality products and professional staff who love their jobs. All of this with your condition, beauty and health in mind. Harmonia SPA is a place where we are serious about body care.  A place where we know a healthy, well-groomed body and a relaxed mind are basic conditions of a good mood. Beauty is a gift, as well as a result of effort and good habits, it is motivation and regular SPA care. HARMONIA SPA – a professional advisor out of concern for your beauty. A swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness centre. Sanus per Aquam. Because to us you are special.


pl. Andersa 3

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Stadium Poznań- 5% discount for shopping in Stacja Kolejorz shop, 20% discount for the guided tour (Standard tour)

Stadium Poznań is the place where Lech Poznań football team trains and plays their matches on a regular basis. To be at the INEA Stadium for a match at least once is to experience its atmosphere, but also to see it from just one perspective - the fan. If you would like to see what the stadium looks from the inside, you can now satisfy your curiosity with a guided tour of the facility. The Euro 2012 Arena has a unique interior, inaccessible on a daily basis. During the tour you can see Main Hall - Mixed Zone, the conference hall, the visitor locker-rooms, the Hall of Fame and the playing field itself along with the dugout.


ul. Bułgarska

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Adrenaline Alpine Coaster and Pepsi Summer Sled Track - Malta Ski - 25 % discount


Malta Ski is a recreational and leisure complex located near the very centre of the city, at picturesquely situated Maltańskie Lake. The Pepsi summer toboggan run and Adrenaline Alpine Coaster are the two attractions of the Maltańskie Lake area. The toboggan run is over 500 meters of sliding fun, where skids were substituted by wheels, and the snow by a steel pipe. The alpine coaster, as promised by its name, delivers an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Slide and ride away!


ul. Wiankowa 2

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Tennis courts - Youth Sports Centre - 50% discount on renting a court till 3.00pm

There are two tennis courts on the grounds of the sports centre:
• a tartan court
• a clay court
There is also a full-sized football pitch surrounded by a tartan running track for athletics. The facility can be rented hourly by locals who wish to practice their favourite sport with their friends and family. The Youth Sports Centre also organizes many sports activities and events for children and young adults.


ul. Gdańska 1



Bowling - Rataje Sports and Recreation Complex - 25% discount

It is a sports and recreation complex offering a wide variety of services. A certain advantage of the centre is its picturesque location at the banks of Warta river, which is quite impressive, especially during the summer. On the grounds there is a stateof-the-art bowling alley with a bar. The bowling tracks are lit with ultraviolet light. The bowling pins, balls and track elements emit UV light, which gives the game a whole different visual dimension. The tracks themselves have been adapted to be suitable for guests in wheelchairs. The centre also includes tennis courts, football and volleyball pitches, basketball courts and a skatepark. For the youngest visitors there is a beautifully situated, safe playground.


os. Piastowskie 106a



"Chwiałka" Ice rink - 50% discount

‘Chwiałka’ ice-skating rink is a modern and functional structure, equipped with a full-sized ice hockey rink (1800 m2), a skate rental, a locker, a bar and restrooms. Additionally, it has an electronic scoreboard, a rail placed around the rink as well as stalls for hockey teams, and allows to play professional hockey games. The ice-skating rink is available for skating and watching hockey games for most of the year, thanks to its roofing and spectator stands with around 250 seats and locker room facilities.


ul. Chwiałkowskiego 34

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„Malta“ Eisbahn - 50% Ermäßigung

Die „Malta” Eisbahn ist seit mehr als 15 Jahren in Betrieb und ein beliebter Ort zum Schlittschuhlaufen in Poznań. Jahr für Jahr gewinnt die Eisbahn mehr Besucher, im vergangenem Jahr haben über 43 000 Gäste die „Malta” Eisbahn besucht. Neben Schlittschuhlaufen findet hier auch die sogenannte “Ice Party” statt und es gibt Kurse für alle, die das Eislaufen noch nicht beherrschen.


ul. Jana Pawła II 5




Mini Golf - Malta Ski - 25% discount

Malta Ski is a recreational and leisure complex located near the very centre of the city, at picturesquely situated Maltańskie Lake. A minigolf course has proven to become one of Malta’s most beloved tourist attractions. It is there that everyone, regardless of age and previous golfing experience can feel like a professional. The 18 holes, clubs and golf balls are true to the tradition – only the etiquette is a lot less strict and you can wear what you like. For all that – minigolf is plain good fun.


ul. Wiankowa 2

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Skiing and Snowboarding - Malta Ski - 25% discount

Malta Ski is a recreational and leisure complex located near the very centre of the city, at picturesquely situated Maltańskie Lake. In the winter, Malta becomes a skiing and snowboarding center. There you will find two ski slopes equipped with platter lift and a chairlift, artificial snowmaking systems and a free ski- equipment rental. The slopes are covered with synthetic lining, which makes using them independent from the weather’s whims. For winter sports beginners, there are instructors and skiing clubs. For those tired with all day fun in the snow – there are restaurants and bars.


ul. Wiankowa 2

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New Zoo - discounted ticket

The New Zoo covers 117 hectares of beautiful, rich land located on so-called Biała Góra (White Hill). The central valley includes ponds with a total area of 16 ha, the largest of them covering 6 ha, which exceeds the size of the Old Zoo. Animals – as far as possible – are exhibited on vast runs in conditions resembling their natural habitats. Particularly noteworthy are the birds of prey represented by more than a dozen species. Attractions of the Zoo also include animals rarely shown in Polish zoos such as a white rhinoceros and snow leopard. Since 2009, you can visit the modern elephant house where African elephants live. You can reach the Zoo by ‘Maltanka’ narrow-gauge railway.


ul. Krańcowa 81

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Poznań Palm House - discounted ticket

The Poznań Palm House is situated in Wilson Park. Built to the design of S. Cybichowski in 1929, it was thoroughly remodelled in 1982–92. The Palm House has amassed huge collections of plants, thus becoming one of the biggest institutions of this kind in Europe. It has 17 thousand plants of 700 species and subspecies from the Mediterranean, subtropical, tropical, savannah and desert climates. There is also an extensive collection of exotic fish here.


ul. Matejki 18

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Souvenirs from Poznań - Posnania City Publishing House - 10% discount

The greatest selection of posnanians – souvenirs from the capital city of the Wielkopolska region – is offered by Salon Posnania. There you can find anything and everything: books, maps, tourist guides, albums and city souvenir collections – both traditional and unique examples – created by young Polish and foreign designers. Also worth mentioning is the Salon’s kids’ offer, such as the puppet theatre entitled ‘The Legend of Poznań Billy Goats’, jigsaw puzzles, books and other interesting gadgets. One of the agencies of the City Information Centre (CIM), providing a wide variety of tourist services, can be found right by the Salon.


ul. Ratajczaka 44

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"Chwiałka' Outdoor Swimming Pool - 50% discount

The summer pools are located near the Sports Centres’ building. The facility comprises three pools of various sizes: • large measuring 50 m by 20 m and 1.4 to 2.3 m in depth, • small measuring 25 m by 15 m and 0.9 to 1.2 m in depth, • wading pool with the diameter of 16 m and till 0.5 m in depth. Additional attractions are volleyball courts and a waterslide by the medium pool. Deck chair rental. Medical care available in emergencies.


ul. Chwiałkowskiego 34

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Swimming pool, Sauna,  Brine Graduations Towers - ‘Oaza’ Kórnik Centre of Sports and Recreation:

- 20% discount Swimming Pool
- 20% discount Sauna
- 20% discount Brine Graduations Towers

‘Oaza’ Kórnik Centre of Sports and Recreation attracts both kids and adults with a variety of activities, and becomes a place of fun, relaxation and physical exercise. Next to the swimming pool and a wellness centre, you can also use facilities like a gym, a fitness studio, hairdressing and a restaurant. The sports hall offers a wide range of happenings, including sports matches and cultural events.


Kórnik, ul. I. Krasickiego 1



Pyrland Park Ropes Course - 25% discount

Pyrland Park ropes course, located near Maltańskie Lake, is an excellent place for an active leisure for everyone. It provides the whole family with a lot of fun and positive energy. There are three rope routes available: • high – (for the athletes among us) with 17 obstacles, 1–1,5 h to get through • medium – 20 obstacles, 1–1,5 h to get through • low (easiest and best suited for beginners) – 13 obstacles, 30–45 minutes to get through. A children’s route is also available (from the age of 3) with an unlimited number of tries. That route is protected with a safety net, which children can also jump around on. It is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12. There are also two zip-lines at the visitors’ disposal.


ul.Baraniaka / Chartowo - Malta

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Regeneracja Day Spa - os. Batorego - 10% discount

They say we are special, that here time stands still. That it is not possible to find words to describe the atmosphere of REGENERACJA – one just has to experience it. In our world of scented oils, remarkable rituals and massages one can truly regenerate.
REGENERACJA Day Spa Batorego is located near the Żurawiniec reserve where nature harmonises with man. Everyone will find something for themselves in stylish, minimalist interiors and four cosy rooms. An intimate atmosphere, exquisite service and individually fitted offer allow you to be transferred into an extraordinary world of SPA – the world of a day SPA.


os. Batorego 80A/L1

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Regeneracja Day Spa - ul. Ułańska - 10% discount

They say we are special, that here time stands still. That it is not possible to find words to describe the atmosphere of REGENERACJA – one just has to experience it. In our world of scented oils, remarkable rituals and massages one can truly regenerate.
This SPA is located in the Grunwald district of Poznań, in the neighborhood of old Uhlan army barracks. It is a real treat for eco-fans who can choose from a wide variety of 100% eco-friendly treatments and products. A cosy, stylish interior, individually fitted offer and the therapists’ knowledge and experience will allow you to find a dimension of relaxation previously unknown and let both your body and your soul be well taken care of.


ul. Ułańska 21/4U

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Regeneracja Day Spa - SPOT. - 10% discount

They say we are special, that here time stands still. That it is not possible to find words to describe the atmosphere of REGENERACJA – one just has to experience it. In our world of scented oils, remarkable rituals and massages one can truly regenerate.
REGENERACJA Day Spa SPOT is located in the 19th century building by 87 Dolna Wilda Street. There are two charming rooms separated by an antique window, opened by request during couples’ treatments. A modern interior design, a unique, nice and intimate atmosphere and an individually fitted offer make entering the SPA an experience which transfers you into another world.


ul. Dolna Wilda 87

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Poznań Croissant Museum and Experience - keepsake gadget

In Poznań Croissant Museum you can discover the secrets of Poznań’s greatest culinary treasure - the St. Martin’s croissant. Visitors can look forward to a live telling of the St. Martin’s croissant history: where the croissant’s shape originated, what the ins and outs of its noble recipe are, and also to a lesson in baking the croissants together with a lesson of the Poznanian dialect. The museum is located in a historic townhouse in the Old Market Square, opposite the Town Hall, the Klasztorna side-entrance. Inside of the townhouse there is an original, 500-year-old Renaissance-gothic ceiling. From the windows of the museum, Poznań’s famous billy goats are very well visible, which is an added attraction of the forenoon show.


Stary Rynek 41/2

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ŠKODA Auto Lab - free entrance

ŠKODA Auto Lab is an Interactive Safety Centre created by ŠKODA. It combines automotive education with entertainment for the whole family. Here, everyone can learn the ins and outs of safe and eco-friendly driving, as well as discover the technology secrets hidden under the hood of a car. All this thanks to such attractions as: driving, crash and rollover simulators, the cross-section of a car, films, quizzes and activities for kids and youngsters run by a kids allrounder, a 3D moto-puzzle and interactive installations: an overload resistance weigh, a response time measuring device and many more.


ul. Głogowska 425

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SPA_larnia DAY SPA - 20% discount

SPA_larniaDAY SPA holds the reputation of the leading SPA in Poznań, along with popularity and a good name. The Puszczykowo-located SPA, specializing in body care, has been awarded in the best DAY SPA in Poland category four times in a row. All cosmetic procedures and massages in its rich offer guarantee the feeling of relaxation and luxury from the first touch. The atmosphere of the SPA adds to the experience of total state of relaxation. The interiors of SPA_larniaDAY SPA, despite the deliberate architectural austerity, invite you to absorb their calm, drinking in their comfort and extraordinary standard of service. Feel the energy of the place designed with you in mind.


ul. Czarnieckiego 56, Puszczykowo

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Tarnowskie Thermal Baths - 3 hour ticket for the price of a 2 hour ticket

Tarnowskie Thermal Baths is a modern swimming and recreational complex. An exceptional Aquapark with water straight from 1200 meter deep geothermal springs, with a temperature of 45,7C. In the recreation zone there is a large pool with many water attractions (a wild river, water jets and slides) and a thermal water pool, joined with an all-year-round outside pool. There is also a safe kiddie pool here, for the kids who cannot yet swim, with a water playground. In the sports part, there are two pools. The first is 25m meters long with 6 tracks; the other, with warmer water, serves for swimming lessons, aerobics and sport and recreational activities. The Saunarium is made up of 5 internal saunas (2 steam, 2 dry and 1 infrared, including one with thermal water) and cooling showers. Outside, there is a huge (1500m2) sandy beach with a playground, a graduation tower, a beach volleyball court and relaxation spots.


Tarnowo Podgórne, ul. Nowa 54



Malta Thermal Baths - 10% discount for Blue, Green and Yellow Zone

Welcome to Malta Thermal Baths – the most modern and at the same time largest indoor water complex in Poland, located by Maltańskie Lake in the very heart of Poznań. On the stretch of about 6 hectares there are 18 pools. Malta Thermal Baths Aqua Park is a water world with countless attractions. For adrenaline junkies there are waterslides, wild rivers and sea waves. For those seeking relaxation, there is a number of jacuzzis, saltwater pools, whirlpools and beaches with rattan chairs. Sports pools are part of a modern complex of full-sized pools with a professional infrastructure and training facilities. Sauna World is a place one of a kind, which in the scenery of the Lost City of Angkor allows you to have extraordinary moments of pure relaxation. Over a dozen saunas with color-therapy, a snow cave, flower laconium, salt graduation tower and a tepidarium with water beds will meet the expectations of even the most demanding of guests.


ul. Termalna 1

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Observation Tower on Dziewicza Góra - 'Dziewicza Baza':

- 20% discount Observation Tower
- 10% Guided tours in ‘Dziewicza Baza’ tourist and education centre
- free tea/coffee with a meal

Dziewicza Baza is a space designated for the lovers of nature and active leisure. The location of the base and its unique infrastructure make it the ideal starting point for hiking tours, trips and individual walks. It is also the perfect place to unwind after a whole week’s stress and relaxation close to nature, or a meeting with friends and family. Dziewicza Góra’s big attraction is its watch tower. At the top of the 40-meter construction there is an observation cabin, and an observation deck right below it, with a gorgeous view over the forest, Poznań and its surrounding regions. The trip to the top of Dziewicza Góra is worth taking with a guide, who will talk in more detail about its history, and about the valuable cultural and natural resources of this part of Puszcza Zielonka and Czerwonak county.


Czerwonak, Dziewicza Góra 5



Downhill Rafting - Malta Ski - 25% discount


Malta Ski is a recreational and leisure complex located near the very centre of the city, at picturesquely situated Maltańskie Lake. Downhill rafting – Poland’s only attraction of this type! Available for all regardless of age. A ride of roughly 70 m can be taken down a ski slope. Specially designed rafts ensure comfort and safety.


ul. Wiankowa 2

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Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020