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Historical time traveling

History of Poznań goes back over 1,000 years. There are many historical monuments which can't be missed and must be shown to children.

Porta Posnania

The remarkable Porta Posnania symbolically connects Poznań’s oldest districts of Cathedral Island and Śródka. It attracts its visitors with a multimedia display, educational workshops, cultural events and tours. It presents the fascinating history of Cathedral Island and encourages visitors to tour it with an audio guide. The Porta Posnania is a perfect starting point for exploring the city along the Royal-Imperial Route.


National Museum in Poznań

Museum presents a vast collection of Polish (from the Young Poland period) and European paintings, including the most valuable collection of Spanish paintings in Poland and the only Monet in Poland - The Beach in Pourville. For families there are special attractions, which enable an active and creative cognition of the museum collections. They are: Museum Trackers' Suitcase and Museum Trackers' Guide. They are available free of charge with the purchase of the entry ticket to the standing exhibition.



Archaeological Museum

Poland's only actual obelisk from ancient Egypt, tools used several thousand years ago by the first inhabitants of present-day Greater Poland, funerary urns in the shapes of faces - these are some unusual sights that can be seen here. Some exhibits are interactive and visitors can try their hand at creating a rock art rite, assume the roles of archaeologists working on a dig or try on a real medieval knight’s chain mail.



Museum of Applied Arts

The museum is located in the Przemysl Castle. Here nearly 2 thousand exhibits can be seen - from the Middle Ages till contemporary times. The permanent exhibition is entirely devoted to applied arts - and is the only such collection in Poland. On the top of the castle tower there is an observation terrace, which can be reached by lift, or via stairs.



Museum of Arms

The Museum is located on the premises of the former Fort Winiary (the Citadel). Originally used to make gun powder and shells, the facility was later converted to a munitions depot. The biggest attraction of its permanent exhibition are its outdoor displays of military equipment featuring over a dozen military vehicles, nine airplanes, two helicopters, five tanks, as well as numerous canons and mortars.


Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020