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Other attractions

And here are a few unique and unusual attractions to spice up the children stay with their parents in Poznan.

Maltanka Park Railway

With a 600mm wide track, along Maltańskie Lake and all the way to the Zoological Garden runs the route of one of the last narrow-gauge railways in Poland. Maltanka Park Railway is a popular destination with kids of all ages and it operates every day from the end of April till the end of Spetember.




Historic trams and buses

Poznań can also be discovered in an unusual way - during a ride on the historic bus line 100 or tram no. 0, with the city’s greatest attractions available day and night! It is simple - you hop on the bus or tram on any of its stops located near the given tourist attraction, and hop off whenever you like! The tourist lines of the trams and buses operate between April and September.






The ImaginationLab is a great way of spending free time with the whole family, as well as an interesting, creative idea for themes classes for schools. Here, the children can develop their imagination while also learning in accessible and interesting ways about the world around them and the phenomena occurring in it.





Stadium Poznań (formerly INEA Stadium)

Through this, all football lovers big and small can have the unique opportunity to see the nooks and crannies of the stadium which hosted some of the greatest football teams. During these tours you can also visit the most important places of the INEA Stadium among others: the conference room, the hall of fame, the hall of legends, ground zero, players’ benches, the presidential lodge, stand and the training pitch.




Billy Goats from the Town Hall Tower

The viewing of the Poznań billy goats must of each and every Poznań tourist tour, especially one with children. These mechanical goats butt heads on the top of the Town Hall tower every day at midday, evoking enthusiasm and awe. As early as a quarter to 12 the Old Market Square fills with those eager to see this unique spectacle. Also every day at midday, a bugle call can be heard played live in the Town Hall Tower.





Urban Tourist Games

These games are especially designed to be played on your own, with both tourists and Poznań residents in mind. The games bring the player closer to the city itself - its history, important events and figures and - above all - they do a great job of entertaining them as well. To play the game, all you have to do is download a start card from www.gryturystyczne.pl. free of charge.




Kolejkoland Educational and Entertainment Center



One of Europe’s most beautiful railway mock-ups has come to the Avenida shopping center, right by Poznań Główny railway station. On over 350 square meters, there are rail mock-ups, a miniature railway station, a children's cinema Kolejkoland, an interactive zone with the possibility of learning to drive the rolling stock, a playground for the youngest train maniacs with tracks and railways, a shop with models and souvenirs.




Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020