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Parks and green areas - free relax

Poznań also offers excellent opportunities for relaxation among lakes and forests, as well as many attractions for the enthusiasts of active leisure. Here are some of the PARKS and GREEN AREAS worth visiting.


The Citadel is Poznań’s largest city park (~100 hectares), and is one of Poznań residents’ favorite places of leisure and relaxation, with a rich museum offer (Museum of Armaments , "Poznań" Army Museum). In the park area, there is an installment of one of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s largest outdoor works “The Unrecognized Ones”.




Botanical Garden

Poznań Botanical Gardens have been established between 1922 and 1925. In the area of 22 hectares it gathers the impressive collection of over 7 thousand species and varieties of plants from nearly all climate zones on Earth.


Maltańskie Lake
Seeking a place to relax and spend your time actively? Around this artificial lake, there are walking and cycle paths, a beach resort, mini golf and boule facilities, an all-year skiing slope and the Adrenaline rollercoaster. Right next door, there is the aquapark Malta Thermal Bath, and the route of the narrow gauge train Maltanka, which leads to Poznań Zoo, goes along the lake itself. In the winter season, an indoor ice rink is open at the western bank of the lake.



Old Zoo
The Old Zoo is not very big, and so its exhibition has been appropriated to its capabilities. The park area teems with lovely trees, bushes and flowers. In the new poikilothermic animals pavilion, in near-natural environment, there are the world’s largest lizards - the monitor lizards, as well as many other reptilians such as the poisonous Mexican beaded lizard or the several-meters-long tiger pythons, and amphibians, including gigantic frogs - the Leptodactylus fallax, known as the mountain chickens due to their tasty meat, and many species of fish.



Strzeszynek Lake
All year round, the lake and its surrounding forests are an attractive location for active leisure and recreation. Many running paths and cycle routes, a beach volleyball pitch, a beach resort, a sports equipment rental, a motel and restaurant, as well as an art gallery are enough to attract many visitors from the city and beyond.




Rusałka Lake
This nature enclave near the city center is a popular sport for recreation and relaxation for Poznań residents. The fishermen fish, the cyclists and equestrians roam the forest paths. The lake’s serene location is also a favorite among the lovers of jogging and Nordic Walking.




Warta River area - Poznań City beach & more
Relaxing in a beach chair, swinging in a hammock, a tasty snack, perhaps even a beach volleyball match or a round of boules in a specially prepared area? If blissful laziness is your thing, and you also like to do sports, Poznań City Beach is THE place for you to be. There are also many outdoor events here, making this location vibrant and lively all summer long. The Poznań City Beach is available from June 1st till August 31st.



Want to feel the wind in your hair and the river breeze on your face? In the summer, be sure to visit Old Port by Warta. There are three passenger ships at your disposal. Cruises take place on the routes Old Port- Starołęka- Old Port and Old Port- Karolin - Old Port. A standard cruise is ~70 minutes long.

A water sports equipment rental is located near Szeląg City Beach, and is open daily during the summer season.

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