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Changes in Concordia - New Bistro Taste

The Concordia Taste restaurant in Poznan has just turned into the Bistro Taste. It is a response to the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the guests’ new expectations.

The times of Covid are a real revolution for the catering industry - restaurant owners, chefs, waiters or suppliers know this, as in a span of just a few weeks they had to completely change their way of functioning. The time of mandatory closure forced the restaurants to provide take-away services, and after the reopening, they had to confront the new expectations of their guests. It turned out that they were no longer so eager to meet in large numbers, they became more cautious and that in terms of eating out, they wanted to spend less and rarely. All these circumstances meant that many restaurants had to redefine their way of working. Some of them went to delicatessen, others stayed at "takeaways" or "boxes", and some are still looking for other ideas.


Concordia Taste - the restaurant, which until now was known as an elegant, business place with an exquisite, original menu, decided to refresh its offer and rely on bestsellers from recent years and their beautiful outdoor garden. - We have noticed that our customers need more freedom - Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz, the owner of the restaurant, explains. - That's why we refreshed our concept and focused on a summer, local menu at moderate prices. We have dishes which are ideal for outdoor meetings with friends over a glass of wine or a good cocktail.

Bistro Taste menu is a mix of Polish, Asian and European cuisine with emphasis on starters that can be ordered individually or in sets. There is "pyra z gzikiem" and roasted potato, there is tartar prepared in two ways, flatbreads with ham or ricotta cheese, goat's cheese rosti or black pudding on fried bread. Among the main dishes there is pulled duck burger and roast beef with roasted cauliflower, all of which are popular crowd favorites. In addition, a huge selection of wines, cocktails and cold drinks. - We want our guests to feel at ease with us and to have a holiday atmosphere, Ewa Voelkel - Krokowicz insists. - We hope that the new concept will appeal to everyone and encourage them to spend long summer evenings here.



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