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WinoBramie - wine and Polish tapas

Ever since its opening night, WinoBramie has offered a wide selection of wines from all over the globe. The wines are available to take away, and also to be had there. All wines up to 100 PLN per bottle are also available by the glass. November of 2017 is a small breakthrough, as then WinoBramie has decided to open a kitchen with the idea in mind of creating a tapas style menu of warm and cold dishes.  What is interesting is that the chef’s decision is to serve Polish dishes in this way, with a modern twist, and to include products which have been somewhat forgotten, such as giblets. What we had the opportunity to try was absolutely delicious and so we wish WinoBramie all the best with their newest endeavor, hoping it can remain on its chosen course. 


The restaurant is located at Jackowskiego in Poznan’s Jeżyce district. From the very entrance, we can see a welcoming bar and racks with hundreds of wine labels. Upon further inspection of the interior, there are two more rooms - both raw and practically devoid of any decor. The larger of the two has a wood-burning stove which on colder days gives both a cosy warmth and an unforgettable aroma.



Desperate to find out more about the dishes and wines served at WinoBramie, we decided to take a seat at the bar. It is the best spot if you are looking to chat with the staff and an active exploration of what is on the plate and in the glass. And we must say, we were not disappointed. The effortless chat was a form of a journey into the wine nuances. There were no uppity experienced wine experts or a lecturing tone - it was a lovely evening in the nicest company.



The kitchen has been operating for merely four weeks now. The petite tapas style portions include both warm and cold options. In the most surprising of ways, the chef has decided to serve dishes deeply rooted in Polish culinary tradition - so what we end up with is a charming composition of Polish flavors, modern mixtures of ingredients and Spanish style of serving. We will admit - the result is truly impressive and recommendable. We also hope it will stand the test of time and quickly find a number of captive customers. Thanks to this, we will all have the chance to return to WinoBramie again and again, and enjoy its atmosphere on many various occasions. We are already looking for the next one!



On our plates, apart from vegetable based dishes or Polish goose meat, there were also giblets. If this is your type of cuisine, you need no further recommendation. If on the other hand, you have not had the chance to try it, and you consider your palates to be even slightly open to new experiences, do not have us ask you twice. The chef knows how to handle the subject and his flavor compositions are some of the best we have encountered in Poznan.



Bon appetit!



Jackowskiego 36, Poznań

Phone no.: +48 61 628 27 37   | www.facebook.com/winobramie

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