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Warto nad Wartą - Polish cuisine with an exotic touch

"Warto nad Wartą" is a new restaurant that popped up in Poznań this July. The specialties you will be able to find on the menu focus on polish la nouvelle cuisine, with additional seasonal touches.

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

Within the broad menu you will find typical polish dishes like herring, duck and goose. Meat lovers can also get excited about different types of streak.
The menu is further complemented with salads, soups and pasta a good alternative for those who choose to go veggie. The menu is constantly changing so don’t worry about getting bored with what’s on offer. The seasonal and special offers menu changes every 7-10 days.


Pumpkin soup with raspberries


The restaurants head chef is quite brave in his culinary compositions and likes to work with unique products attempting to givie his guests a memorable feasts.


Tuna salad with Durian fruit


"Warto nad Wartą" also serves and is open for breakfasts and lunches. Those who have a sweet tooth and wish to pop in for a little tit bit will not be disappointed, also the dessert menu is very diverse.


The restaurant has a great location, just off the main market square – opposite the National Art Museum in Poznań  
If you’re interested at having a peek at the menu follow the link. menu.


The Address:
"Warto nad Wartą"
Marcinkowskiego 27 a, 61-745 Poznań
www.wartonadwarta.pl | tel. +48 600 836 846 | kontakt@wartonadwarta.pl


The best duck