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UMAMI - more than sushi

Chef Sang Min Park is the invisible hand behind UMAMI more than Sushi, the new establishment serving Korean cuisine delicacies. The offered menu is based in the original ingredients from Japanese and Korean cuisines. As the name suggests, there is more than sushi here - the menu also offers a wide selection of warm dishes which are why you should visit UMAMI and check whether or not you would like this to be a place you come back to. After our first visit, it is a definite “yes” from us, and we are delighted to keep our eye on the further activities of the Wodna St. restaurant.


Umami is one of the five flavours humans are able to distinguish. It is the fifth and youngest flavour as it was scientifically distinguished only in 2000. At first, it was present in the collective consciousness as more of a legend than a scientific fact, and what is more, till this very day some people have no idea of its existence. What it has to do with the restaurant and why the owners have decided to name it this way - it is a job for the hosts to explain, and we have no intention of spoiling your pleasure of asking about it upon your first visit at UMAMI, as a way to start a conversation and break the proverbial ice.


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See the menu and lunch menu (available Mon-Fri between: midday and 4pm.)


If you are a sushi connoisseur and you follow Poznań’s culinary map for oriental inspiration, you will probably have already heard of the locale based on Wodna 7/2. For many years, it housed Sakana restaurant, which today can be found in Poznań’s Wilda district. The walls of this townhouse have kept its tradition alive and gave a home to a new concept by the name of Umami.



Umami, which is not clear without a little research, is a restaurant serving Korean food. Apart from its sushi offer, Umami also serves warm dishes. We cannot assess whether or not the way of serving the food and its preparation method are authentic and true to the Korean cuisine and its character - all we can say is that it was all delicious and surprisingly interesting.



The restaurant has a few rooms at their guests’ disposal:

  • Japanese Traditional Room (Washitsu/Tatami) – a traditional Japanese room which allows for leisurely tasting and searching for your own umami. (maximum capacity is 10 people);

  • Vip Room – a designated space for business meetings, workshops and trainings. Created for those who value their privacy (maximum capacity is 12 people);

  • Chillout Room – a relaxation zone, reserved for those wishing to find their umami in the dishes prepared by the cook in the company of a small group of their family or friends (maximum capacity is 4 people);

  • Bar – a space for those who wish to experience sushi preparation in front of their very eyes, to chat to the sushi master who is ready to fulfill their every culinary fantasy (maximum capacity is 8 people);

  • Restaurant Room - a spacious room for those expecting a more standard restaurant experience (maximum capacity is 24 people).



Luckily, Poznań does not suffer from a lack of Orient-inspired restaurants. Each lover of the Far East has their own favorite spots, and of course those they would not dream of setting their foot in. It is up to you to decide which of these labels Umami can be given - but do try it at least once, at our heartfelt recommendation. Time will tell if the first visit will in fact be the first of many.


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Bon appetit, or should we say, mis-issge deuseyo!


Wodna 7/2, 61 – 782 Poznań
www.umamisushi.com.pl   |   tel. +48 61 448 54 17   |   restauracja@umamisushi.com.



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